What if the Laws of Attraction Aren’t Working for You?

In a recent post, I wrote about the laws of attraction and how to activate them. But some people have emailed me to say, “Why isn’t it working?” So, I thought I’d cover a few of the common reasons why you aren’t attracting the people, money and opportunities you desire…yet!

I’m assuming you’ve made your vision board or sketched out your ideal life. I also assume you’ve put your positive intention out there and now you are waiting and waiting. But you just don’t seem to be attracting what you want.

Is there any way to speed up how the laws of attraction work to get what you want sooner? Yes and no. 

Sometimes what we think we want isn’t happening because we really don’t want it at a deeper level. This is your higher self protecting you. Years ago, on my vision board, I had imagined my ideal life would include a horse ranch, a husband, two children, a house by the sea, and an international speaker career as a best-selling author. Over a few years, I received all of those wonderful things minus the horse ranch. Where were the horses? I can say now, thank heavens! The last thing I want or need is to be mucking out a bunch of horses. What I really wanted was the opportunity to ride a horse whenever I wanted. That turns out to be easily done because we live near a professional stable. 

The point here is that don’t worry if you aren’t getting all the things on your list.

It may turn out that you didn’t really want it after all or there was a much better thing in store for you. Review your vision board carefully. Remove anything you don’t really want or simply trust that you won’t attract something if, at some level, it isn’t in your highest good. I was pleased that I attracted the best stuff—a family and career that I love. The other stuff is icing on the cake!

Another reason you may not be attracting what you want is that you are unconsciously sending mixed messages to the universe.

For example, let’s say you have credit card debt and want to attract a wealthy partner or mate. Given that like attracts like, you are more likely to attract someone with financial stress in their life. To attract the truly wealthy person, the best thing you can do is hustle to pay off those credit card debts! Then take a few courses on investing. Remember, when you don’t “need” someone, you are much more likely to attract them. And, as I’ve shared many times before, if you have fulfilled your personal and emotional needs, you’ll be instantly more attractive to better people and opportunities. [Take the free Emotional Index Quiz to learn about your top four needs.]

Maybe the laws of attraction aren’t working for you because you have a space problem.

I remember coaching a very busy bank executive who hired me because he wanted to attract a woman and have a relationship. As we struggled to fit in a half hour coaching call, I told him he didn’t have room in his life for a relationship. His first task was to delegate more and create time in the evenings free from business obligations. No sooner than he created that space did he attract a charming lady. 

One of the fastest ways to attract something or someone new in your life is to clear out the old stuff that no longer applies–like clutter!

Clutter comes in many forms including a jammed schedule cluttered with too many meetings, a messy house, or relationships that bring you down. A friend of mine thought it was better to keep the guy she was currently dating who was “good for now” even though she knew he wasn’t the one. I said that wasn’t being true to herself or her partner, and she needed to work up the courage to let him go and break up. By ending the relationship, she created the space for a new person to come into her life. She also had to learn how to overcome her fears of being alone and loneliness. Once she was comfortable in her own company, she soon attracted a great guy.

If you are feeling stuck, start looking around for stuff that is clogging up your life. Let go of those commitments, people, and things that are no longer necessary. You’ll find your ability to attract new and better people and opportunities instantly increases! Remember to say “no thanks!” to things you attract that aren’t quite right and hold out for what you truly desire.


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