Attract the Life You Really Want with These 7 Steps

Is it possible to attract what we want in life? Most of us have been taught that the way to get what you want is to set a goal, create a strategy and then go for it. However, if you take a look at some of the best things in your life, you might find that you attracted them effortlessly.

For example, I attracted my husband while I was busy leading a seminar in London. He happened to sit next to my mother, who immediately took a liking to him and introduced us after the event. I accidentally landed my first professional job in banking by attending an informational meeting I wasn’t “invited” to.

Think about your own life and you may well discover that often the best things were accidents or lucky breaks.  Yet we are taught time and again that if we want something, then we have to go after it with 100% focus and intention. While that works, it doesn’t take into consideration the fun and easy way of getting what you want. Why not have an intention or even a notion and attract what you desire without the struggle? 

Here are a few key points about goals to start living a life of greater ease and attraction:


1. If you don’t make choices for your own life, other people will.

You’ll become a pawn in someone else’s dream or vision. That is fine as long as you wanted to do that. Failure to make a choice is also a choice. Go ahead and make a wish list. Then, narrow it down to the top three things you most want in life.

2. There are 3 different kinds of goals—material acquisitions, achievements, and relationships.

The more you can integrate these types of goals, the easier your wish list will be to accomplish. And all are easier to attract if you first focus on building a strong personal foundation by getting rid of your petty annoyances, satisfying your unmet needs, and orienting your life around your core values. Then you’ll notice how much easier it is to attract what you want and achieve your goals.

3. Instead of setting exterior goals, try setting interior goals.

Perhaps this year, instead of focusing on getting that raise, you focus on being a super-valued employee. Instead of trying to find a man, focus on becoming simply irresistible. 

4. Orient your life around your natural strengths and abilities.

Instead of struggling, find out what you are naturally designed to do. Once you’ve identified your hard-wired talents and abilities, you can then start moving your career and life towards that. My life became so much easier once I discovered life coaching. I left banking to pursue coaching full-time because I had finally found what I was meant to do. (If you don’t know what your calling is, don’t worry. We have the tools to help you figure that out in the Career Change Kit).

5. Don’t live your life for others.

You only get one life and it is yours. If you don’t want to have children, then don’t let your parents, friends or spouse convince you otherwise. If you want to travel, then don’t settle for a mate who prefers to stay home. 

6. Start immediately because life is short.

Don’t wait for a health scare to start living the life of your dreams. Start living it now. Let go of the past and your family’s/society’s expectations and do what you love.

7. You can make a radical life change responsibly.

Start by telling the truth about what you really want, even if it seems impossible or scares you. Write it down. Create a vision board or even a rough sketch of what you want. Then, start eliminating things that no longer apply and you’ll be on your way to the life of your dreams.


If you get stuck at any point, a good life coach can get you unstuck and back on the path to living your ideal life in no time. Don’t stay stuck!


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