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The key to being irresistibly attractive to the people you most want is to get your personal and emotional needs satisfied and then start doing what you love. It’s truly the effortless way to find and keep the love of your life.


The key to identifying your ideal career is to find one that aligns with your core values, passions, natural talents and abilities. Thankfully, we have the latest and most sophisticated assessments to help you find your ideal career.

Financial Freedom

Get on the path to financial freedom and independence, even if you have debts. Achieve financial freedom so that you don’t have to work unless you want to. Start living the future you want right now.


The secret to being happy is to handle or eliminate the sources of negativity and stress in your life (money worries, difficult bosses, bad habits) and add in the things that give you joy. Simple yes, but not always easy.

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Talane Miedaner

Talane Miedaner, founder of LifeCoach and author of the internationally best-selling book, Coach Yourself to Success; The Secret Laws of Attraction; and Coach Yourself to a New Career. Talane has gained international prominence as a professional life coach by guiding thousands of people to create their ideal life and find wealth, success, and happiness. As a leader in the cutting-edge field of life coaching, Talane helps people restructure their lives to easily attract the people and opportunities they want.

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Spring Cleaning: Reduce Stress and Increase Creativity

Spring Cleaning: Reduce Stress and Increase Creativity

Spring cleaning and decluttering your house always makes a body feel good, but what about your brain? If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed try a few of these simple steps to free up some brain space and your creativity will flourish! 1. Create a Work Uniform...

The 10 Practical Self-Help Books that Changed My Life

The 10 Practical Self-Help Books that Changed My Life

In honor of World Book Day, I wanted to share the 10 practical self-help books that changed my life. In no particular order they are:  1. How to Get out of Debt, Stay out of Debt and Live Prosperously by Jerrold Mundis. I had credit card debt and this book told me...

LifeCoach Live April 19, 2021

LifeCoach Live April 19, 2021

   On this live event, Talane answers a viewer question on how money can make you happier. The question: "I can't seem to bring myself to hire help because I know I'm capable of doing it myself and feel I should save the money. I also feel it is important to be...

What’s Your Money Personality?

What’s Your Money Personality?

Do you know what your money personality is? There are three well-traversed roads to wealth: business, real-estate, and paper assets (i.e., stocks and bonds). By being successful in any one of these three areas you can become financially free faster. But what if you...

LifeCoach Live April 12, 2021

LifeCoach Live April 12, 2021

   On this Facebook Live, Talane answers this question from a viewer:  What if you feel like almost all your relationship/friendships aren't working? How do you know if it's you or if it's them?" To address this question, Talane covers a variety of tools,...

Can a Fulfilling Career Reduce Stress?

Can a Fulfilling Career Reduce Stress?

I remember being in a career where I dreaded Mondays. And I recall hitting the snooze alarm repeatedly, not wanting to get out of bed to go to work at the bank. I remember having such terrible back pain that I’d get spasms while walking to work. My body was literally...

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You were the catalyst that gave me the confidence that I could do it. I had no other voice in my life who could say, ‘You can do this.’ The best outcome has been peace of mind and the influence I have on the world to impact people who in turn impact others. It is the ripple effect.”

Ali Brown

CEO, Ali International

“Do it [follow your passion] sooner rather than later. You said something that really stuck, ‘Time is the only thing you can’t get back. You can always make more money’.”

Melissa Todd

Owner, Hip Hounds

“You really helped me realize how often I kick something down the road and how much energy must have been wasted by not doing a task immediately. Coach Yourself to Success made me question, “Who is really creating the things surrounding me?” and led me to realize that I am the one. And…you helped me to convert this insight into actions and fulfillment.”

Joern Kamphuis

Mr. Germany 2013

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