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Relationships & Love

The key to being irresistibly attractive to the people you most want is to get your personal and emotional needs satisfied and then start doing what you love. It’s truly the effortless way to find and keep the love of your life.


The key to identifying your ideal career is to find one that aligns with your core values, passions, natural talents and abilities. Thankfully, we have the latest and most sophisticated assessments to help you find your ideal career.

Financial Freedom

Get on the path to financial freedom and independence, even if you have debts. Achieve financial freedom so that you don’t have to work unless you want to. Start living the future you want right now.


The secret to being happy is to handle or eliminate the sources of negativity and stress in your life (money worries, difficult bosses, bad habits) and add in the things that give you joy. Simple yes, but not always easy.

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Talane Miedaner

Talane Miedaner, founder of LifeCoach and author of the internationally best-selling book, Coach Yourself to Success; The Secret Laws of Attraction; and Coach Yourself to a New Career. Talane has gained international prominence as a professional life coach by guiding thousands of people to create their ideal life and find wealth, success, and happiness. As a leader in the cutting-edge field of life coaching, Talane helps people restructure their lives to easily attract the people and opportunities they want.

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Are You an Eco-minimalist or an Eco-maximalist?

Are You an Eco-minimalist or an Eco-maximalist?

I find myself thinking more about living a minimalist lifestyle and recently my eyes were opened to the concept of eco-minimalism. I have a friend and admire her classic style. Upon speaking with her recently, she said she has gradually eliminated every item of...

How to Stay Mindful at Work

How to Stay Mindful at Work

Why is it important to be mindful at work? In the corner office, a woman scans her email, talks on the phone and intermittently sips from a giant coffee cup. In a nearby cubicle, a man listens to hold music while stapling paper stacks and squinting across the room at...

Does Your Clutter Have a Hidden Message?

Does Your Clutter Have a Hidden Message?

Given that everything is energy and that clutter represents stuck energy, it makes complete sense that persistent pockets of clutter are physical manifestations of a deeper message. In fact, psychologists know that true hoarders have issues "...such as indecisiveness,...

Get Healthy with Tiny Habits

Get Healthy with Tiny Habits

I’ve already written a few blogs about habits. I particularly liked BJ Fogg’s book, Tiny Habits. In fact, I wrote about it here: Get Happy with Tiny Habits. However, right now I want to work specifically on healthy habits. One of Fogg’s healthy habits is called the...

7 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

7 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

Simplify your financial life to gain freedom from unnecessary tasks and help yourself get on the path to financial freedom and independence. Here a few simple ways you can automate your personal finances so that you can enjoy time freedom as well as financial...

Stay Close to Long-distance Friends and Family

Stay Close to Long-distance Friends and Family

I’ve been living in England for 18 years now and feel closer than ever to my friends and family across the pond. In fact, I would say that being overseas has, in many ways, helped me spend more quality time with my family. Because we live a long-haul flight away and...

Our Success Stories

You were the catalyst that gave me the confidence that I could do it. I had no other voice in my life who could say, ‘You can do this.’ The best outcome has been peace of mind and the influence I have on the world to impact people who in turn impact others. It is the ripple effect.”

Ali Brown

CEO, Ali International

“Do it [follow your passion] sooner rather than later. You said something that really stuck, ‘Time is the only thing you can’t get back. You can always make more money’.”

Melissa Todd

Owner, Hip Hounds

“You really helped me realize how often I kick something down the road and how much energy must have been wasted by not doing a task immediately. Coach Yourself to Success made me question, “Who is really creating the things surrounding me?” and led me to realize that I am the one. And…you helped me to convert this insight into actions and fulfillment.”

Joern Kamphuis

Mr. Germany 2013

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