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Tips to Help Clear Sentimental Clutter

When it comes to clutter, it is often most difficult to clear sentimental clutter. If you find the task of clearing sentimental clutter difficult, then read on.  I read quite a few books while I had access to the USA library system this summer (the English system is still in the dark ages I’m afraid). […]

On the Battle Against Single-use Plastics

What is so wrong with single-use plastics? Here are my thoughts and ways I try to avoid them.  My daughter who has eczema and skin sensitivities convinced me to buy the Face Halo makeup remover pads instead of disposable cotton pads and makeup remover liquid in a plastic bottle. The pad looks quite unassuming, but […]

Clutter: Can a Maximalist turn Minimalist?

“The first step in crafting a life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”– Joshua Becker   I’ve always liked having things, but after reading the shocking statistic that the average American home has 300,000 objects, I thought, “That is ridiculous!” Is it all just clutter? Clearly, having 300,000 objects is too […]

11 Tips for Painless Saving

Tips for Painless Saving Automate it. If it isn’t in your bank account you won’t miss it. Celebrate a pay raise or bonus with a special night out. Then invest the rest of it automatically by increasing the automatic debits to your investment account or increasing the portion you prepay your mortgage by. Shop around […]

On Emotional Needs, Pain, and Suffering

I was reading The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod and was struck by this paragraph: “By accepting all the things you can’t change…you give yourself the gift of being at peace with life as it is, rather than creating pain because you want the unchangeable aspects of life, be it your past, present, or future, […]