Make a Radical Change

What is the one radical change or big thing that you could make or do this year that would dramatically change your life? 

There are countless things that you could conceivably do. Here is a list to prompt your thinking:

 What one thing will you focus on this year that will make the biggest difference in your life? 

Once you’ve picked your one radical change, how will you ensure that this will actually happen? This is all about setting up a rock-solid structure for support so that when you lose motivation after the first few weeks, you have a system in place that will ensure you keep going. For example, you might set up direct investing into Vanguard to fund your financial freedom/retirement account on a regular basis. Once you’ve calculated how much you need to invest, automate the task. Then figure out how to cut your expenses to make it work. Bang, you’ve just automated your way to financial freedom!

Do you want to find a more enjoyable career or work that has you bouncing out of bed in the morning? If so, you could take the Career Change Kit  to figure out what are your hidden talents and abilities and learn how to build a career around them. Work becomes play when your values, talents and passions combine in an ideal job. You could hire a life coach to hold your hand while you go through this process of self-discovery and transition to the new career or start your own business. That is one example of setting up a rock-solid system for support. 

Sometimes we need to make a big, radical change in our lives. Yet we often need to take baby steps to get there one day at a time. As David Lloyd George said: 

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.”

Making a big leap can be very scary. So, often we hesitate and don’t make the change, staying stuck. This is where a life coach can help, giving you the motivation and encouragement to take the leap. A life coach can also help ensure you set up small changes so that your end goal happens over time. 

On the other hand, you don’t always need to make a big leap or make a radical change. Often, small incremental changes done consistently over time will get you there. This is especially true when it comes to investing or changing dietary and exercise habits. For that reason, I have created the simple support structure in my New Year’s Evolutions course. Small changes can lead to a new you over the course of a year if done consistently. That is why the system for support is so critical. Consistent action over time is hard to maintain without support. It is all too easy to slip back into our bad habits.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If you haven’t made any progress over the last year on a goal you said you want to accomplish, then toss the goal and choose a new one. Or if you really don’t want to do that, then invest time and money in finding a more effective system that will make sure you actually do it! This might mean hiring a lawyer who will make sure you update your will or hiring a life coach to support you in reaching your biggest goals. Better yet, sign up for a class or a challenge

Are you in need of a radical change or would an incremental change be sufficient?

Here’s a simple challenge to get your new year off to a fabulous start: take The New Year’s Evolution Course. It is a short, 13-step course designed to start your New Year on the right foot. Make tiny, easy changes that will ensure you are healthier, happier and wealthier for the rest of the year.

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