Find a Job that Makes You Happy

You can use the laws of attraction to attract a job that makes you happy. I realize this may sound a bit far-fetched, especially in a culture where we associate hard work and effort with success. However, I’ve found that when it comes to the best things in life, we often attract them to us effortlessly.

You might want to consider your own personal history. What are you most grateful for? What turned out the best? Did you work hard to achieve this result or was there an element of luck/serendipity, or a bit of both? 

Hard work and persistence can take us where we want to go. But what if there is an easier way?  What if you could simply attract what you want in life–the relationship you want, the ideal career or your dream home? Are you curious to learn how to activate the laws of attraction in your own life?

First, the hardest work is figuring out what you really truly want. What is the ideal career for you? 

When you take the time to identify your core values and passions, you’ll discover that it is easier to attract what you truly desire at the deepest level. I’ve already written about the ways you can discover your passion at work. You can do these simple exercises to help you find your true calling. If that doesn’t provide the career clarity you seek, then you might want to use some of the world’s most sophisticated career assessments

 Then, once you’ve identified very clearly and specifically what you’d like to do, the next step is to attract that job!

These three steps will help you get the job you want:

Step 1. Write Down Your Ideal Job Description

Take a few minutes to jot down, in a few sentences or bullet points, your ideal job. Imagine that you were writing an ad for this ideal job. Include the specific requirements, salary, and location. Be as detailed as possible. 

Excerpted from Coach Yourself to a New Career:

When I was 28 years old working as a sales manager for Chase in New York City, desperately longing for a more fulfilling career, this is what I wrote down (this was before I had even heard of the life coaching as it wasn’t even a thing at the time):

An international career and lifestyle: To have an international career requiring extended stays in warm foreign countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Greece, etc. Sales, lucrative, exciting. 
  • International consultant
  • Presentations (energy flow, sharing)
  • Coaching
  • High-level creative (not technical)
  • Working with business executives, middle-and senior-level management
  • Living in foreign countries
  • Travel around the world with extended stays of one month to a year in warm countries
  • Opportunity to learn new languages
  • Salary $100,000 base with bonus for excellence
  • Negotiation
  • Selling an excellent product or service
Description of my perfect job: I would love my work to enable me to continually grow and develop myself—where there are no limits to how quickly I can advance. My work is a contribution to others and makes for a happier world. Independence and freedom to be creative. Support from my company so I can do my job—tools, developing skills, training, coaching. Love the people I work with. Respect and admire my boss.

At this time, life coaching wasn’t a career or an option I had even heard of.  I didn’t consider owning my own business or being my own boss. However, doing these things has now completely fulfilled my need to be free and independent. I have the freedom to grow my business as much as I want. The only limits are my own. I have led seminars and workshops around the world, speaking in places like Morocco, India, Chile and Greece. I only work with the clients I enjoy. And I love my team. My job is a contribution to the world. I have what I truly want.

Did it all happen overnight? No, but step by step I’ve built a business I love that enables me to live my ideal life. It is worth spending some time working on your ideal job description. Remember, first figure out what your ideal life looks like, so that your work supports that ideal life and not the other way around!

Step 2. Visualize Your Ideal Career

Keep the vision for your perfect job in front of you by creating a vision board. Use images that represent your core values and peak experiences. If you love travel, then find images of destinations you’d like to visit. Or, if you dream of writing a novel, then use covers from books that inspire you. If you would love to work with the elderly or children, then collect images that reflect those people.

Include quotes that inspire you and a list of your core values. The key is to start visualizing your dream job. Then take steps to make this career a reality. Keep your vision board where you’ll see it every day. Add to it or change it as you wish. 

Step 3. Make it Real


The trick to making any dream come true is to start making it real now. One of the easiest ways to do that is to create a project that honors one or two of your top core values. Once you understand what your core values, passion and natural talents are (see the Career Change Kit), find or create a project that allows you to express them. It doesn’t have to be something big. You can start small with something simple and easy.

One of my clients discovered that she valued beauty. So, she asked her manager if she could landscape the front of the office building which was drab and boring. She rounded up a team of volunteers from the office, and they worked together to transform the exterior. Her enthusiasm for the project got her noticed by top management and she received an unexpected promotion!

If you want to write the next great novel, then you might sign up for a creative writing course or join a writer’s group. Or, if you want to work with the elderly, you might volunteer at a nursing home. These projects will help you hone in on your values and passion. They can even lead to a new opportunity. 

With these simple exercises you will activate the laws of attraction. Plus, you’ll have a chance to test and refine your values. If you need more guidance, a professional career coach can help you fully understand your core values. A coach can also help you take the steps to express your core values in life and work as soon as possible. 

To learn more about finding a new career that you love, read Coach Yourself to a New Career: 7 Steps to Reinventing Your Professional Life by Talane Miedaner or start the Career Change Kit.

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