How to be a Millionaire in 5 Minutes

Can you be a millionaire in 5 minutes?

Every now and again it is a good idea to play the Millionaire or Instant Billionaire Game. Ask your friends and family members to join in. This is an easy game that starts with the question,”If I had a few billion dollars, what would I do?” Then go around the room and see what everyone says.

This is an excellent exercise. Take out a pen and paper right now and make a list of at least 100 things you would want to do, be or have. Don’t limit yourself in any way. Write down every wish, desire, fantasy, dream, and hope that you can possibly think of. Most people pick up their pads and start writing and pretty soon they get stuck and can’t even come up with 100 things. Push yourself past your limit and invent some more, since money is no object. Do not censor anything that comes to mind right now. You can do that later.

If you always wanted a house on the beach, write it down. If you have always wanted to drive a Mercedes Benz or wear a designer watch, write it down. What about taking private dance lessons, going to Hawaii, learning how to scuba dive? Write down every wish, fantasy, dream and hope that you can possibly think of. Really stretch yourself and see if you can come up with 100 things you would want to be, do or have.

Now that you have your list, go through it. How many things on this list do you really want? And, do you really want to maintain it?

We often forget that the real cost of something is the maintenance. I had written down on my list that I’d have a horse ranch, but I don’t actually want to take the time to care for the horses and muck out their stalls. I actually prefer to ride a horse on occasion that someone else looks after. The same goes for a boat. Do you want to own a boat or do you prefer to go out boating on occasion and let someone else look after the maintenance of the boat? Most people think they want a boat, but don’t realize how much it costs to moor the boat, to pay for fuel, docking fees, cost and time of maintenance, etc.

As a rule, if it floats or flies, you are better off renting than owning. What about that luxury car? One client spent a summer driving a Mercedes and realized he was much happier driving his old Honda because he never had to worry about it. Do the same for the activities. Do you really want to be a famous opera singer? Or, given the time and training it would require, are you content to sing in the shower? If you aren’t sure what you want to do when you grow up, take a look at the Career Change Coaching Kit™.

From this now reduced list, pick the top ten items that you really want to do, have or be in this lifetime.

If you were on your deathbed looking back, what would be the things you would regret not having done? By the way, I’ve never yet heard of anyone on his deathbed saying he wished he had bought that fancy watch. Usually we regret not doing things, not saying things – forgiving people, apologizing for any harm we have done, not spending time with our loved ones, or missing out on great life experiences or unique opportunities.

Make sure every remaining item is aligned with your values – not moral values, but what is really important to you.

To learn more about your core values read this article, 3 Ways To find Your Passionhere. Now that you know what you really want, pick one lifetime goal and get started on that today.

Take a few minutes to play the Billionaire Game. Make your list just for fun. Pick your top ten and see what you end up attracting. There is great power in simply writing your goals down. Some of my coaching clients have done this exercise to discover they already had everything they wanted!



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