Why You Should Prepare Now for a Great New Year

December is a fun and busy time. So, I don’t always have time to tie up loose ends and get things prepared for a flying start to the new year. I love the holiday season with all the parties, presents, cookies, and the tree. I’m enamored with the schmaltz of it all. Plus, I love having time to relax with my family and watch silly movies and play games.

This is the time when I typically make time to sit by the fire with a hot cocoa and consider what I can complete before the start of the new year. It is wonderful to get nagging tolerations and annoyances sorted, make amends and forgive anyone with whom you’ve had harsh words within the past year. Additionally, it’s a great time to pay back personal debts. As a result, you aren’t dragging anything unresolved or negative into the new year. It’s the best way to lighten the load and give yourself a fresh slate before embarking on the goals, great adventures and projects to come. 

This precious little window of quiet before the new year is also a great time to reflect and consider what you want to attract and accomplish in the coming year. I use a simple, yet powerful, ritual for ending the year and getting things off to a great start. However, if you are travelling or too busy in December to do this, don’t worry. You can wait until January to do this life coaching assignment. Better yet, join the New Year’s Evolution Course for a jump start to the new year. I have one client who does his annual reflection on Groundhog Day! So, make sure that this life coaching assignment doesn’t add stress to your life. Choose a time to reflect that works best for you. I personally find the post-Christmas-pre-New Year week ideal for tying up loose ends and making an exciting plan for the year ahead.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There’s an easy way to attract new and better things, people, and opportunities into your life. You do it by cleaning up and resolving anything that feels heavy or negative or that you’ve been procrastinating about for too long. Use the year-end deadline as a motivator to get the unpleasant stuff done. Then, you won’t drag anything negative into the new year. 

Here are six questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I feel any animosity, anger or resentment towards anyone?

If yes, then now is the time to resolve those negative feelings. You can use the 9 Step Formula for Forgiveness as a step-by-step guide to help you move past hurt feelings.

2. Have I said or done anything this past year that I regret?

If so, who can you call to apologize? What can you do to make amends? (Hint: ask them!) Is there something you can do to put this regret behind you? 

3. Is there anything I have that belongs to someone else?

Make a point of returning borrowed books, clothes, and money before the year ends.

4. Is there anything in my house that makes me feel sad or has any negative association?

Donate it! One client was keeping perfectly useful camping gear. However, every time she used it, she was reminded of a painful divorce which made her feel sad. It was expensive gear, so she didn’t want to throw it away. I suggested she swap gear with someone else so she could have a fresh start. Alternatively, you could burn sage over the objects to cleanse the negative energy. (Just make sure to seek out a Native American store that sells smudging materials to avoid cultural appropriation). 

5. Is there anything broken in your house?

Get these items repaired. Alternatively, at the very least, make appointments to get these items fixed as soon as possible. 

6. Are there any small projects I can complete before the New Year?

Alternatively, are there any projects that could be discarded rather than dragging them into the new year? For years, I kept fabric and a pattern for a skirt I was going to make. I finally realized I was never going to make it. So, I donated the fabric and pattern to a charity shop. Phew! Sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves and admit we aren’t going to do a project, despite our initial enthusiasm at the time. 

Imagine how wonderful it will feel to start the new year without any negative baggage from the past. You will discover how much easier it is to attract the people and opportunities you most desire when you complete this simple assignment. 

If you would like an amazing start this year to creating your ideal life, now is the perfect time to register for the New Year’s Evolution online course. Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

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