On the Battle Against Single-use Plastics

What is so wrong with single-use plastics? Here are my thoughts and ways I try to avoid them.

My daughter who has eczema and skin sensitivities convinced me to buy the Face Halo makeup remover pads instead of disposable cotton pads and makeup remover liquid in a plastic bottle.

The pad looks quite unassuming, but surprisingly it works really well with water only. (The idea is to stop single-use makeup removing wipes that don’t decompose and eliminate another plastic bottle). Another way to simplify the bathroom routine! I was surprised at how effective it is. Just plain water, wipe and off comes mascara and everything else. Then I just scrub the Face Halo with plain bar soap to clean it daily and throw it in the washing machine at the end of a week. Love this product!

As you may have noticed, I’m on a gradual quest to improve the quality of my life while decreasing waste so this product fits the bill.

Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also reduces clutter in the bathroom. It is great for sensitive skin as no irritating chemicals. I haven’t tried the other brands of this product, but it looks like there are cheaper solutions out there with good reviews. The only bad thing– it came in plastic packaging. When will we ever learn!

I’d love to hear what products you’ve found that work beautifully while reducing waste.

I was just thinking of the millions of bottles of makeup remover that must be sitting in landfills—unnecessary clutter for the world. I’ve eliminated three plastic bottles now: makeup remover; liquid hand soap and shampoo. I feel slightly virtuous, but am a long way off given the state of my medicine cabinet.

So what else can we work on eliminating?

Let’s think about ways in which we pack our (or our children’s) lunch. How many times have you used a disposable baggie for a sandwich or snacks? Well, now there are a lot of alternatives (some even dishwasher safe). Try using re-usable bags instead. And what about re-usable straws? We all know about the damage straws cause to our marine life. Now, there are a lot of options for non-plastic straws, some of which come in small stature so we can bring them with us to restaurants that haven’t yet made the switch.

What little things can you start doing today to use less plastic?
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