New Year’s Evolutions – Expanded

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New Year’s Evolutions

As all things evolve over time, our New Year’s evolutions program has just expanded. I was filling out my own New Year’s evolutions and realized that a few areas were missing (such as money and happiness). So, I’ve added those in. If this feels overwhelming, just pick three from the list and do those.

Give yourself the whole year to implement them and it doesn’t matter if they seem tiny. Small changes are easy to implement and you will soon be ready for the next. These are all designed to be easily incorporated into your life without taking up extra time, although they may require some initial set up time. If you simplify first you will create some extra time so don’t skip that one if you are feeling stretched.

The idea is to make resolutions easy. If every year you make some small positive changes, in time, you’ll evolve into a happier, healthier, wealthier human being.

Below are the expanded New Year’s Evolutions Tips:

1. Simplify one area of your life (e.g., a new personal filing system, hire a housekeeper, downsize the house or car).

2. Invest at least 10% on your personal development and training or coaching.

3. Get rid of something that no longer applies to the evolving you (e.g., a habit of yours, a relationship, a job, that nagging sore tooth, clutter).

4. Improve your diet by eliminating something you know isn’t good for you. (If you don’t know, consult with a nutritionist—there will be something!)

5. Replace that food or drink you eliminated with something that adds nutrition to your body and enhances your well-being.

6. Do something to improve your body’s performance—toning, strength, endurance or power (e.g., swimming, yoga, dancing, cycling, weight training, circuits, martial art, aerobics, running, walking).

7. Expand your mind. Learn something new this year (e.g., home study, attend a class, read a book, new hobby).

8. Expand your friendships. Either deepen your relationship with someone you know or make a new friend.

9. Bury the hatchet so you don’t become a bitter older person. Forgive them and just move on—resentment is a waste of energy.

10. Take a healthy risk. Build your courage by taking action. Do something that feels a bit scary (e.g., learn to ride a motorcycle or how to scuba dive, look out of the window of a very tall building, eat dinner out alone).

11. Do one thing to improve your wealth (e.g., set up an automatic investment plan to fund your retirement, create a spending plan, see a Certified Financial Planner).

12. Expand your horizons (e.g., travel to a new place, have an adventure).

13. Do one thing to improve the world/environment (e.g., pick up trash on your walks, use filtered tap water instead of buying bottled drinks or water, go meatless on Mondays).

14. Install a new good habit (e.g., start tracking your spending/expenses, walk 20 minutes a day, take a multi-vitamin).

15. Boost romance (e.g., automate a weekly date night, wear lingerie to bed, try some toys).

16. Improve family life/fun (e.g., weekly games night, read books to your children).

17. Set one big, values-based goal this year (e.g., make a quilt, renovate the bathroom, get promoted at work, write that novel).

18. Do a good deed (e.g., help someone out, donate to your favorite charity, volunteer at a soup kitchen, teach someone how to read).

19. Eliminate a big toleration or a petty annoyance (e.g., get the dent in the car mended, replace the ugly curtains or the stained carpet).

20. Spoil yourself (e.g., get a weekly spa treatment or massage, hire a cleaner or a cooking service, take time for yourself every week to relax).

21. Do something that will make you happy (e.g., dance classes, join a book club or choir, set a regular pot luck supper up with friends).

Joining the Coach Yourself to Success online course is a great way to keep you on track and support you with your New Year’s Evolutions — learn more here.



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