Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

This year my children participated in the environmental strike in Exeter. So I thought now is the time to have an eco-friendly holiday season. One year, I went with a group of friends to a wreath-making class. We had so much fun. I now host a wreath-making luncheon at my house! We start by foraging for greenery and holly. We mainly take quite a lot of green stuff from my back yard. Everyone brings the wire forms for their wreath or floral foam for a centerpiece. Then, we assemble our own unique creations. We break for lunch of quiche and kale salad with chestnuts and cranberries. I highly recommend it! And at the end of the season, you can save your metal frame and reuse it for next year and toss the rest on your compost heap. 

I’ve spent a few hours finding really beautiful eco-friendly gifts. These are just ideas to get you thinking. Normally, I don’t recommend anything until I’ve personally tried it. However, in this case, I haven’t bought these items so you’ll need to do your own research. 

Of course, the simplest way to save the planet is to buy less. I have a few ideas below that don’t require any shopping at all. You can also cut down on shopping by doing a secret exchange of gifts with a $10 limit. This will help to save even more money and time this year while having more fun than ever. After all, the holiday seasons are really about spending fun times with your friends and family.

Here are 15 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for the Whole Family:

1. A beautiful plant in a ceramic or hand painted pot makes a lovely gift that keeps on giving all year.

2. Gorgeous Recycled glass holiday ornaments that look good all season and for outdoor lights, check out these lovely solar powered fairy lights also great year round so you don’t have to take them down.

3. Cool looking Olive and Pip wine bottle serving dish.

4.  Christmas decor soap from Etsy.com.

5. Beautiful wooden spoons.  

6. Eco-friendly bath bombs.

7. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this adorable microwaveable bear

8. Spice up your life with an Indian spice set or some gourmet BBQ rubs.

9. Gold safety razor for him or her, or this handsome German safety razor, double edged. Don’t forget the shaving soap. Women can use shaving soap too and save on the bottled version. I like this one with the optional travel tin. And then the shaving brush too for a complete set. A simple way to reduce the number of plastic disposable razors going into landfills and a beautiful gift for that special man in your life. 

10. Who can resist these cute terrarium candles from uncommongoods.com? I love the cactus one!

11. Love Mexican food? Then you’ll love a homemade tortilla maker kit. They taste so much nicer when fresh and not loaded with preservatives. (You’ll need to buy the masa harina corn flour separately, though, as not included). Although you can just roll the tortillas out with a wooden rolling pin between two sheets of waxed paper, so this gift is for the serious fans of Mexican food only. 

12. Grow your own mushrooms with an oyster mushroom starter kit. This could be fun for younger kids or mushroom lovers of any age.

13. If you are a decent cook, homemade food items are always thoughtful gifts (jams, chutneys, cakes, cookies, bread, chocolates).

14. Handmade gifts are truly personal depending on your particular hobby or skill (e.g., homemade candles, soaps, jewelry, quilts, scarves, knitwear, pottery, painting, photography…).

15. Give the precious gift of your time and skill (coupons for lawn mowing, babysitting, gardening, handy-work, car washing…or whatever your particular talent). 


Eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas:

Family fun and games:

Not necessarily eco-friendly, but it looks like good fun for the whole family for a Karoke night: The Bonaok Bluetooth Karoake Microphone for lots of singing while bopping around without a cord to get tangled with.

Or for more family fun, try this Game Night in a Can. 

One of the gifts my kids enjoyed the most was a butterfly growing kit.

One year I bought my husband a multi-cooker for Christmas as a subtle hint to do more cooking and he loves it! He likes making slow-cooked turkey legs in a BBQ sauce and it tastes just like pulled pork so the kids like it too. This is one of the few kitchen appliances that saves cupboard space as it functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker all in one pot. One way to declutter! And you can make your own hummus from hard un-soaked chickpeas in a flash thanks to the pressure cooker. I think this counts as an eco-friendly gift given it is more environmentally friendly to make your own food than buy in tins and this makes cooking so quick and easy. 


Affiliate Links: I don’t have an affiliate link to the top 15 gift ideas.

I do have an affiliate link to the amazon.com family games and multi cooker so any fees generated will be donated to the charity Oxfam, which also has a vast array of holiday gifts. If we are lucky, we’ll have enough links to buy a goat for a family in Africa. Spread the joy and the wealth this holiday season!

If you live in the UK, try this website for eco-friendly gift ideas. 


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