3 Laws of Attraction: Like Attracts Like, Nature Abhors a Vacuum, The Present is Always Perfect

There are three key Laws of Attraction.

A “law” is something that works whether you believe in it or not, like the law of gravity. Whether you believe in gravity or not is irrelevant. Gravity does not rely on your beliefs and neither do the laws of attraction so feel free to remain skeptical as we discuss the laws of attraction.

The 3 Laws of Attraction are:

  1. Like Attracts Like
  2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum
  3. The Present is Always Perfect

From these three laws there are a number of principles which are extrapolations from the original law. Then, there are a number of simple steps or life coaching tips you can use to apply these principles or laws to your current life. Read further articles about the laws of attraction here.

From the first Law of Attraction, “Like Attracts Like,” I’ve previously discussed a very critical corollary: The Present is Always Perfect and you can also Perfect the Present.

“If You Don’t Need It, You Are More Likely to Attract It.”

Neediness in any form is inherently repellent. This follows from the law because a lack of something attracts more of a lack of something, just like negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts in a vicious cycle that is hard to break. This is why debt attracts more debt, savings attracts more money, and it is always easier to get a new job when you are currently employed—you don’t need the job.

This actually works well with all three laws of attraction. It usually looks like the present isn’t perfect. There are wars going on somewhere on the planet, children starving to death, masses of emails piling up in your inbox, you can’t stand your job or your boss is driving you mad. The trick is to make your current reality as perfect as possible.

Imagine for example, that you will never be able to leave your current job so you have no choice but to master the one you have and make it as perfect as possible. This might mean learning some aspect of the job you’d rather not do or learning how to manage a difficult boss or colleague. Or volunteering to do work that is more interesting in addition to keeping pace with your current work tasks. Then, when you finally get it to the point where you are not desperate to get out of there (because you’ve perfected the situation), you’ll find you’ll attract the perfect next job. Like Attracts Like. If you want the perfect job, perfect the one you already have. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t contact head-hunters or post your resume. You may need to be out there looking, but at the same time, perfect your current situation. The candidate who is happy in their work will be more attractive to prospective employers as well as more likely to be promoted within their current company.

Here is a life coaching assignment to apply this law of attraction to your own life:

Take one aspect of your life this week and perfect it. Don’t just clean it up, make it absolutely perfect.

For example, if you decide to clean your closet, don’t just toss the old clothes out and put everything back in. Buy matching high-quality hangers for all your clothes so that they hang nicely. Sew on all the missing buttons and mend any fallen hems. Polish your shoes and take the ones with worn heels to be repaired. Give away anything you haven’t worn in a year or that you’ll never wear again. Organize everything by color and category. Get all the right storage tools for your belts, shoes, etc. Use the “California Closet” system as your model.

One of my clients splurged and had her closets done professionally. She couldn’t believe how easy it was to get dressed every day. Opening her closet door became a daily joy for her. When you open your closet in the morning, the perfection of it will give you energy.

Pick one area of your life this week. Perfect it to the point where it makes you feel fabulous!

Ultimately, every single aspect of your life can be perfected. For now, just pick one thing and get started. You’ll soon find that the process of perfecting the present becomes easier as you create natural momentum and gain more and more energy with each perfected space.

Not sure where to start – The Perfect the Present Quiz is designed to help you discover where to focus. 


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