Proof of the Power of Coaching: A Success Story

The power of coaching. Who’d have thought it would lead a New York actress to catch the alleged killer of her father?

As readers of my tips and books, you know I recommend making a list of the 60-100 petty annoyances you are tolerating or putting up with in life. These petty annoyances include everything from that cracked rear-view mirror to scuffed shoes.

I was amazed to get the email below from one of my readers, Joselyn Martinez, a beautiful actress in New York. She certainly takes the prize for most dramatic toleration eliminated! And it’s an excellent example of the importance of not checking an item off until it is handled.

Enjoy the story below and behold the power of coaching. 


“Dear Talane,

I’ve thought of writing to you through the years; to tell you how much your book, Coach Yourself to Success, has changed my life….

Back in 2005 or 2006 I created my first list of tolerances and started my long journey of de-cluttering. On the list of tolerances number 22 was “my father’s case….”

Once the press heard the story of my involvement in catching my father’s murderer, the media has wanted the story….



P.S. I look forward to scratching off all the other things on my tolerances list.”

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