A personal and emotional needs success story

“I hired Talane Miedaner because I was in an orchestra. However, I really wanted to be a soloist—a star of the stage. But I didn’t know how to get there. I had no idea Talane would ask me to take the Emotional Index Quiz and work on getting my personal and emotional needs met as a means to reach success. So, I had to expand my boundaries and fulfill my emotional needs first. I had thought it worked the other way around, that once I was a soloist, then I’d be happy! Now I see that being a star doesn’t fulfill my needs—I have my friends and family for that. It is a wonderful feeling to be master of the stage… take a look at me now!”


Miriam Ross, Solo Violist, Owner of The Miriam Ross™ Academy


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If you’re already aware how important it is to have your personal and emotional needs met, then take this free quiz to find out what your top four personal and emotional needs are! The quiz takes about twenty minutes to complete. At the end of the quiz,  you’ll receive a list of your top four personal and emotional needs. Knowing exactly what your needs are is the first step in fulfilling your needs—after all, if you don’t know what your needs are it is pretty difficult to satisfy them. Raise your own emotional intelligence instantly with this powerful quiz!

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