Coach Yourself to Success Testimonial

Testimonial from Jörn Kamphuis

“The book that Inspired me to win the Mr. Germany 2013 title…

The three tips from your book, Coach Yourself to Success (Coach dich selbst sonst coachdich keiner) which helped me most:

Tip 37. Do it now!

It really helped me realize how often I kick something down the road and how much energy must have been wasted by not doing a task immediately. Well, because of that I could figure out what is really important to me and what was not. This in combination with Tip 66, “Do or Do Not,” made it even more effective.

Tip 92. Write it Down Fifteen Times a Day

I actually did not write it down 15 times, but what I did that made me feel confident I would become Mr. Germany was the following. I had a picture in my workout book where I would write down my exercise reps. There you could see me with a Mister Germany banner Photoshopped in with the headline: “I am Mister Berlin.” In the beginning, I did not believe that I could be Mr. Germany or even Mr. Berlin. But I looked at this picture and repeated this short sentence as often as I could when I was training (six times a week). After a few weeks, it did not feel strange at all and I actually knew that I would become, at least, Mr. Berlin.

Tip 32. Turn Off Your Television

I started making my own fascinating story in my life, instead of watching other people’s stories on TV and hoping to experience the same. Amazing!

Coach Yourself to Success made me question, “Who is really creating the things surrounding me?” and led me to realize that I am the one. And, to go one step further, the book helped me to convert this insight into actions and fulfillment.

Thanks, Talane, for writing this great book and changing my life!”

—Jörn Kamphuis (Mr. Germany 2013)

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