What is the Real Secret to Successful Relationships?

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Understanding your personal and emotional needs is the real secret to successful relationships.

I was astounded by some recent emails from folks who wanted to learn more about personal and emotional needs. I was thinking, but wait… my second book, The Secret Laws of Attraction: The Effortless Way to Get the Relationship You Want, addresses this topic in great detail. But then it dawned on me. This book is packaged as a relationship book. A good many of my readers are married. So I bet they didn’t buy the book because they already have a relationship. So, they think the book is about finding a relationship.

Let me set the record straight.

The Secret Laws of Attraction will help you have better relationships in all areas of your life, both personally and professionally, whether you are married or single.

The book is designed to help you understand what your top four needs are, how they run your life (whether you are aware of it or not), and how to get your needs fulfilled in healthy and satisfying ways without driving your friends or family members crazy!

If you’ve been wondering why your marriage has lost some of its luster or you’ve been complaining that your partner just doesn’t do anything to fulfill your needs, then this is the book for you.

To start with, if you can’t identify your top four personal and emotional needs, how can you expect your partner to fulfill your needs? Second, it isn’t your mate’s job to fulfill your needs. You can get most of them fulfilled yourself or with the help of friends and family. (I explain how in detail in Chapter 6.) Take the pressure off your mate and bingo! All of a sudden, he or she wants to start fulfilling your needs again. It feels like magic, but it isn’t at all.

Here are two basic laws of attraction:
  1. If you don’t need it, you are more likely to attract it. Which is precisely why the above scenario works time and time again.
  2. Like attracts like. When we are fully living our core values and doing what we love to do, we effortlessly attract others who share our values. The key to a fabulous, long-term relationship is shared values.

If you’d like to be more confident, then get your needs met — it works instantly to boost confidence. If you’d like to be more attractive to people and opportunities, both personally and professionally, get your needs met. Yes, it really is that simple, but I’ll tell you right now, it isn’t easy.


P.S. You can order a copy of The Secret Laws of Attraction by Talane Miedaner (McGraw-Hill) here

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