Attract True Love with 5 Simple Strategies

When it comes to love, you can’t force it. It has to happen naturally. So, then, how do you attract true love? The key is to make yourself irresistibly attractive to your potential partner at the deepest levels. It’s not just by looking as good as possible on the outside, although that can certainly help.

1. Be yourself and improve yourself.

It is important to be authentic and genuine in order to attract true love. It also helps if you work through any limitations that prevent you from meeting new people. People are attracted to those who are comfortable in their own skin and confident in who they are. When I was 13, I was very shy – so shy I was afraid to ask a stranger what time it was. It wasn’t until I took a personal growth and development course that I was able to overcome my shyness and break through my fears. After that, it was much easier to attract relationships; I started dating and having more fun. No one would now think I struggled with shyness in my youth.

2. Take extremely good care of yourself.

Physical and emotional self-care are crucial for attracting true love. This means taking care of your physical health through exercise and good nutrition. Also, you need to take care of your emotional well-being through self-reflection and self-improvement. It is much easier to attract the best people to you if you have first fulfilled your own personal and emotional needs. You can take the free Emotional Index Quiz to learn your top four personal and emotional needs. Once you’ve identified your needs, then you have a much better chance of attracting the right person. We all have emotional needs. Those who have satisfied their needs are genuinely more confident and attractive.

3. Be open and receptive.

In order to attract true love, it helps to be open to the possibilities and opportunities that come your way. This means being open to meeting new people, trying new things, and taking some chances. My cousin was hesitant to try online dating. After taking the leap and suffering through a few bad dates, she met a great guy. She has been having a wonderful time traveling around the globe with him ever since. In fact, I rarely see her now as a result! 

4. Be positive and hopeful.

A positive outlook on life can attract true love. This means staying optimistic and hopeful, even in the face of challenges and setbacks. My uncle was going through a difficult time in his life when he met his wife. Despite his struggles, he maintained a positive attitude and focused on the good things in life, which helped him attract his wife. One of my coaching clients started journaling and practicing mindfulness when she was going through a tough time after a divorce. The journaling and meditation enabled her to let go of negative thoughts and feelings, which allowed her to attract a loving and supportive partner. They are now happily married.

5. Be kind and compassionate.

Being kind and compassionate towards others can attract true love. This means showing empathy, understanding, and support toward those around you.  As you give love to others, you’ll feel more loving and will start to attract love and kindness. The law of attraction works because like attracts like. Give love generously and you’ll soon attract love. One neighbor is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. As a result, she has attracted many loving and supportive friends and family members who were there to help her through a difficult divorce. It took her some time to heal, but being surrounded by loving friends has made it easier. When she is ready, her friends will be there to encourage her to start dating again.

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it.  My uncle, who was in his late 50s, had been married and widowed when he met my aunt, who was in her late 30s. They met at a local hiking club and immediately hit it off. Despite their age difference, they shared a deep connection and understanding of each other.

My uncle was hesitant to pursue a new relationship, but my aunt was persistent and determined to make it work. She showed him kindness and compassion and gave him plenty of time. Their love blossomed. Eventually, after many years, they got married.

Like most couples, they have faced many challenges throughout their marriage, but their love and commitment to each other never wavered. They supported and uplifted each other through difficult times, and celebrated each other’s successes. After almost 20 years of marriage, they are still deeply in love and are an inspiration to their children and grandchildren.

Their love story is a testament to the power of kindness, compassion, and patience in attracting true love. It is a reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, with the right mindset and attitude, we can attract the love of our life.

If you are ready to attract the love of your life, one great place to start is the Raise Your Emotional Intelligence course. It will help you find out how to satisfy your personal and emotional needs so that you can effortlessly attract the loving relationship you desire.

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