You Need a Massage More than You May Realize

When I lived in New York City, every Friday after work I’d go to the late great Raja Shaheen—I do miss her so much—for a completely relaxing head-to-toe massage. Absolutely blissful! This erased the tensions of the week and set me up for a fun and relaxing weekend. I considered massage as essential as brushing my teeth just to combat the inherent stressors of living in a bustling city and working in a stressful job. I continued this weekly massage practice even after leaving the bank to start my life coaching company. My stress levels dropped significantly when I only had to report to myself. But I knew that starting a small business has its own stressors. If you still need convincing that a regular massage isn’t optional or think you can’t afford it, then read on. Massage isn’t just about muscles, it is a practice that makes you more attractive.

After marrying, moving to a small coastal town in England, and having two kids, I thought my life was pretty chill. Plus, with childcare and other expenses, it seemed sensible to stop getting a weekly massage. So, I cut back to having a massage once a month. 

Recently, I discovered that I’ve worn down all the cartilage in my hip. So, it is now bone on bone, and I’m limping about as a result. I started getting a therapeutic massage to offset the lopsidedness and relax the muscles. What a joy! Yes, it is an investment to spend the money, but the benefits are massive.

I’m calmer and more relaxed throughout the week. I did a big swim around Burgh Island and had no muscle soreness afterwards. Best of all, I’ve broken through a long stint of writer’s block. As I said years ago in my first book, Coach Yourself to Success, it is easier to meditate. (I’m now thinking of taking a Transcendental Meditation Course.) Plus, my intuition, which is already strong, is now stronger than ever. I often get little inklings or messages while lying relaxed on the massage table. We all have intuition but may be too stressed or busy to hear it.

We’ve known for years that massage helps with muscle recovery after a workout. However, very few people realize that massage can also give you a competitive advantage at work. You’ll be calmer, more relaxed, more productive, less stressed and more likely to come up with a winning idea if you are relaxed. The combination of working out, massage, and meditation is a powerful one that’s hard to beat! 

In fact, I’d argue that you can’t afford not to get a massage. Doubly so if you have a hectic, busy life and need to stay calm and productive. 

What about the expense? There are ways around this, too.

You could go to a massage school where they need to put in so many hours of practice before graduating. Alternatively, you and your partner could take a class on massage and take turns treating each other. As another idea, you could get a massage chair. While a bit mechanical, it does the trick. We also have a smaller handheld massage gun that is portable and works great if you want to give your tense shoulders a quick and immediate release. Furthermore, we have the Thumper percussive massager (on AMAZON) which works best if your partner uses it. I find it a bit too heavy to use on myself. Percussion massagers make a great gift for someone special—a gift that you can treat yourself to, as well. 

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