Make the Best Career Choice: Use the Joy Filter for Decision Making

On making the best career choice. Occasionally my coaching clients ask me whether or not they should do a specific thing. “Should I make this career choice or that one?” I can usually tell right away just by the tone of their voice whether they should proceed down a particular path or not. However, since I only work with a handful of coaching clients, I thought I’d share some decision-making strategies you can use yourself:

1. Delete the Shoulds.

Talk your options over with a good, honest friend. If they think you sound heavy or burdened, then it is a “should” goal—something you think you have to do but don’t really want to—like lose weight or go to law school. On the other hand, if you sound really excited about the prospect or project, then that may well be the way forward. More often than not, we regret the things we didn’t do much more than the things we tried and failed. So even if you do a thing and it doesn’t work out as expected, at least you did it and got it out of your system and can now move on to other things in life without some “What if I had only done…” thought lurking around. It is far better to err on the side of doing things than it is to sit on the side lines wondering what your life would be like if you had. You don’t want to go through life thinking, “I could have been a contender.”

2. Flip a coin.

If both choices or paths sound equally attractive, then I ask a client to get a coin and flip it. So, if it lands on heads and they groan, then I know they really want tails and suggest they go for that option instead. If you flip a coin and then say, Oh, I wish it were…then you have your answer.

When you are doing what you love to do, it lights you up and makes you feel happy, alive and excited. You are definitely on the right path. (You may want to check out the article Use the Laws of Attraction to Get the Career You Want). And the universe will light the way for you. Like attracts like, so more good things and opportunities will come your way. This doesn’t mean there won’t be roadblocks or stumbles. Nor does it mean that everything will be perfect. I’ve never known anyone start a business without numerous ups and downs. But you’ll be fine. Even if it fails, you can chalk it up to a grand adventure.

This week follow your heart. Do at least one thing that gives you joy.

When you radiate joy and happiness, you’ll attract more good things your way.

P.S. Consider hiring a good 1:1 business or life coach to ensure that you don’t make too many costly mistakes unnecessarily.

When I changed my career choice and started my life coaching business, I worked closely with a successful life coach who prevented me from making countless mistakes. This saved me loads of time and more than paid for the cost of coaching by helping me grow my coaching company quickly.

I see so many people try to make it on their own and struggle unnecessarily to get their businesses off the ground. When we are young, we have time to recover from mistakes, but as we get older and have family to support, it is critical to make the right decision. Why jeopardize your family unnecessarily? It is better to make a small investment in life coaching than it is to risk your future. We have so many tools and resources to help you see whether you are, in fact, making the best decision. I’m very grateful to all the various life coaches I’ve had over the years who have steered me well!


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