How to Have the Ideal Day

A number of our online coaching members are struggling to come up with their ideal day.  So I’m sharing my own morning and evening routines. These routines encompass my current yearly themes. They are focused around extreme self-care, health and vitality, and spending time with my family. You, of course, will want to design your own ideal day. This may get you thinking and give you a few ideas.

Ideal Day Morning Routine:
  1. Girls come into our bed for a cuddle at 6:30 am
  2. Stretch and drink lemon water with vitamins at 6:45 am
  3. Breakfast with family (buckwheat blueberry pancakes or eggs on spinach)
  4. Make packed lunches
  5. Get girls dressed and ready to go
  6. Walk with girls to school
  7. P.A.C.E on seafront for 15 minutes or gym/sauna
  8. Shower and dress
  9. Ask myself “What’s Most Important about Today?”
  10. Writing from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
  11. Lunch at 12:30 pm (soup or salad)
Ideal Day Evening Routine:
  1. Cook dinner with the family
  2. Read aloud to the girls and tuck them in bed
  3. Hot bath with essential oils for relaxation
  4. Eat half a banana if hungry and drink herbal tea
  5. Journal or listen to meditation audios
  6. Read in bed
  7. Acknowledge and appreciate each other
  8. 10:30 pm lights out

Think about your current routines. How can they be adjusted or improved to give you more quality time to focus on your own priorities and values? Prepare to adjust your ideal day as your life changes. My ideal day before children was very different.


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