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Magazines and Newspapers

Breathe Magazine, “So you’re back, now what?”, Issue 24 – 2019

Fortune magazine, “Quiz: Which Company Should You Work For?” March 5, 2015

Business News Daily, “10 Career Books Every Job Seeker Should Read” January 12, 2015

Hoy, “Cómo lograr tus metas en 2015 sin mucho esfuerzo” January 3, 2015

Express, “Be busy, not dizzy: Top 10 tips for a productive 2015” December 28, 2014

Woman’s World, “Help Me Restart My Career!” March 10, 2014

The New York Times, “Life Coaches for the Entrepreneurial Set”  February 10, 2014

Woman’s World, “Help Me Get Out of a Rut!” October 7, 2013.

Friday magazine ” It’s Time to Grow Down!” November 24th 2015 – Christine Fieldhouse

Ambition, “Attracting the Best Opportunities”. March/April 2009 (article)

Spirit & Destiny, “Desperately Seeking Someone”. February 2009.

Natural Health, “The Weekend Life Coach”. January 2009.

Zest, “Run of of Steam? Feel 100% Energised in Just 24 hours”. January 2009.

Sunday Express, “Happy Hour”. January 4, 2009.

Women in Banking & Finance, “Through the Glass Ceiling”. October/November/December 2008.

Natural Health, “The Weekend Life Coach”. December 2008. (article)

Practical Parenting, “Room to Breathe”. November 2008. (page 1) (page 2)

Natural Health, “Inspirations”. November 2008. (article)

Zest, “Be a Happiness Magnet!”. November 2008.

Red, “Lighten Your Overload”. October 2008.

Leither, “In Therapy…In London”. October 2008.

Natural health, “Discover Your Emotional Needs”. September 2008. (page 1) (page 2) (page 3)

Daily Express, “To Make Friends, First Find Out Who You Are”. September 15, 2008. Being, “10 Steps to Maintain a Youthful Mind & Body – For Life”. Spring 2004.

BottomLine Personal, “Make People Happy.” February 2003.

Business News New Jersey. “Smoothing Out Clients’ Fields of Dreams.” April 22, 2002.

Texas Now. “Learning New Life Skills.” January 2002.

Fitness. “I Just Can’t Say No.” August 2001.

Newsday, “Jump Start.” June 26, 2001.

First for Women, “Be 100% Confident!” September 17, 2001.

Health, “Do-it-Yourselfers Anonymous: A Woman Under stress needn’t be a damsel in distress.” January/February 2001.

Entrepreneur’s Start-Ups, Cover story. “No Place Like Home: 10 Hot Businesses to start from your living room…kitchen…or den..” September 2000.

Women’s Own, “Need a Life? Hire a Coach.” July 2000.

Entrepreneur’s Business Start-Ups, “Biz 101” April 2000.

Glamour, “Charisma Crash Course” March 2000.

Fortune, “So You’re a Player. Do You Need a Coach?” February 21, 2000.

Cosmopolitan, “Wow ‘Em at Work” January 2000.

New Choices, “The Time Off of Your Life.” November 1998.

Nikkei Venture, Life coaching story featured in major Japanese business magazine with 76,000 circulation. April, 1998.

Phoenix Sun. “Hey Coach! Help Me Make the Big Plays in Life.” 1997.

The Daily Mail’s Sunday “You” Magazine. “So you want to be Irresistible: Here’s how…” Sept. 7, 1997.

The Guardian, “Goodbye Couch, Hello Coach. Joanna Coles works out with New York’s Top Brain Trainer to become Simply Irresistible.” Sept. 11, 1997.

Newsday, “The Quick Fixers—Personal Coaches: Need a Change? In the restless pursuit of betterment, people are now turning to a new source of aid and comfort: the personal coach.” July 10, 1997.

The New York Observer. “Coach Me with a Stick.” June 23, 1997.

Professional Coach. “Becoming Irresistible.” May/June 1997.

Professional Coach. “Becoming Irresistible.” May/June 1997.

Men’s Fitness. “The Art of Motivation Maintenance.” January 1997.

CFO Magazine. “Your Own Personal Vince Lombardi: How a new breed of professional confidants helps CFO’s shape up.” November 1996.

Newsweek, “Need a Life? Get a Coach.” February 5, 1996.

Radio and Television

Positive Living – radio talk show with Patricia Raskin. October 2003.

Iyanla – television talk show—expert life coach/guest twice in the summer of 2002.

The God Squad, – The Pursuit of Happiness” August, 2000.

Radio Scotland, Fred MacAulay Show. 1997.

WALV-TV 27 Kristianna. Television talk show, Indianapolis. Announcing keynote at National Speaker’s Association. May 16, 1997.

Channel Fox 5 Good Day New York. Personal coaching interview with Magee Hickey. August 1997.

WOR Talk Radio, Rambling with Gambling. New York, NY. August, 1997

CBS Saturday Morning Program. Feature interview with Susan Molinari on personal coaching.


Shape Magazine – MC and speaker for Triatholan –national tour summer of 2002

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