Have More Time, Reduce Stress, and Be Happier with These 10 Tips

Here are some great ideas from Coach Yourself to Success for reducing feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Implementing any of these tips will make you happier, healthier and wealthier. Why? Because when we aren’t stressed, we attract better people and opportunities effortlessly.

First, there are a few things to understand about the nature of time:

1. Time is elastic.

You can stretch it or compress it. This is why time drags on slowly when you are eager to arrive at an exciting destination. This is why the kids keep asking, “Are we there yet?” It’s also why the return trip seems faster. Anticipating an event actually makes us happier, too. The solution to increase the feeling of having an abundance of time is leverage the flexible nature of time. We all have 24 hours a day, but those who have an abundant sense of time know how to stretch and compress time. Nothing magical here. Anyone can do this by following some of the simple tips on time below.

2. One has enough time when one is doing what matters most.

If your life’s work is aligned to your core values and passions, then you’ll feel like you have enough time. This is a rite of passage. Once you orient around your core values you’ll never go back to your old way of doing things. 

3. Time is not manageable, but your choices and actions are manageable.

Time will keep on ticking along without your help. Your life choices are what give you the feeling of having abundant time. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed and short on time, then your choices need rethinking. I find it helps to think about doing things over a lifetime. If you map out a rough plan, you’ll be able to get it all done. We overestimate what we can do in a week and underestimate what we can do in a year. And we really underestimate what we can achieve in a lifetime.

4. Success comes from applying yourself and from luck.

Luck is a matter of timing and preparedness. Timing and preparedness is a matter of attraction and creating reserves. Attraction is a matter of reserves and extreme self-care. The feeling that you have more than enough of everything is called a reserve. Reserves are a matter of extreme self-care. Self-care is based on creating a strong personal foundation. A strong foundation comes from applying yourself to yourself. This entails working on your own personal growth and development. Applying yourself takes time. Time takes commitment. (If you are ready to commit to creating a strong personal foundation and committing to extreme self-care and creating a reserve for a year, then you might be ready for the Online Coach Yourself to Success Course).

There is plenty of time for what you are ready for. Having more than enough time is a lifestyle choice.

10 Simple Ways to Create More Time:


1. Show up ten minutes early for every appointment–business and personal.

Use this extra time to do a mini meditation. Do not use it to check your email or social media.

2. Stop doing things that you “should”, “could” or “ought” to do.

Delegate, automate, and simplify everything you possibly can (e.g., bill paying, grocery shopping, house cleaning).

3. Keep blank space in your schedule.

Reserve this time for the inevitable interruptions, delays and emergencies that may arise. 

4. Set aside an hour every day and a full day on the weekend to do nothing (free from social obligations, work, chores, errands, etc.).

Use some or all of this time for some form of meditation or a nap. When I was working at the bank, I’d come home exhausted, take a 30-minute nap, and then start coaching. I found coaching so energizing that I had trouble getting to sleep at 10 pm. Eventually I was able to quit my job and coach full-time. Give yourself a regular day off once a week. If you have small children, you might need to take a day off when they are at school. Everyone needs a day of rest, especially working parents. 

5. Learn how to say no graciously.

Use the 4-Step Communication Model to set firm and clear boundaries. 

6. Promise 50% percent of what you can deliver (under-promise) then over-deliver and delight everyone.

If you think you can complete a project in two weeks, tell your boss you need four weeks to do it, then turn it in a week earlier. Most people overestimate how much they can get done so this strategy prevents disappointment and allows a reserve of time for delays and unexpected problems.

7. Delegate things you hate doing (e.g., errands, taxes, laundry, house cleaning).

Life is too short to spend time doing things we hate. Alternatively, shift your attitude. Could you turn ironing or cleaning into a zen meditation? The key is doing things with presence and awareness instead of feelings stress or bother.

8. Unplug and hide the TV in a closet.

This typically gives you another 24 hours a week and makes you happier and more productive.

9. Cancel the newspaper and magazine subscriptions and suspend your social media for a while.

You may discover you are happier without it! By constantly comparing ourselves to media images of perfection, we unconsciously feel we aren’t good enough. Eliminate these images and you’ll discover that you are just fine.

10. Resign from activities and organizations that no longer fulfill you.

Not only will you instantly get more time, but also a boost in happiness!

Start by picking one of these simple but life-changing coaching tips. I recommend you start by showing up ten minutes early. Use that time to sit and do nothing. Just focus on your breathing or meditate. You’ll instantly shift from running around stressed to adding in pockets of calm throughout the day. It is counter-intuitive, but it works because time is elastic. 

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