The Best Stress Relievers

Do you know that there are easy-to-do stress relievers? Oddly enough, it is often the little things that give us the most stress.

Check off the stress relievers below if they are true for you.

❏ I keep my gas tank at least half full.

❏ I am always ten minutes early and never rushed.

❏ I am free of all addictions and attachments (caffeine, TV, sugar, FB).

❏ I have a daily routine that is a pleasure.

❏ I use a time management system that works so I do not miss or forget appointments.

❏ I do not run yellow lights, speed or tailgate. I let other cars in.

❏ I don’t do laundry or housework.

❏ I spend ten minutes every day sitting and doing absolutely nothing.

❏ I have one night a week just for me, free from business and personal appointments (your Sacred Evening or Artist’s Date).

❏ I have a day of rest free from any work or errands (traditionally Saturday or Sunday) every week.

❏ I have nothing in my home or in storage that I haven’t used in the last year or find absolutely beautiful.

❏ I pay bills automatically on line or by direct debit.

❏ My groceries are delivered weekly.

❏ I check my email and voicemail once or twice a day at the most.

❏ I delegate the things I hate doing (e.g., taxes, dusting, ironing).

❏ I watch less than five hours of TV or movies a week.

How many stress relievers did you check off? Congratulations!

The more of the above stress relievers you have checked off, the more time and space you will have and the easier life will be. Yes, it’s that simple. Keep working until you have check off all of the stress relievers.


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