The Incredible Power of Making a Small Change

The key to making a big change is to make a small change first. This has to do with inertia.

If you want to get unstuck quickly and effortlessly, then leverage the power of making small changes.

We are often stuck in the idea that changes in our life need to be huge. It seems overwhelming. Therefore, we do not do anything. We just wish, wait and hope. On the other hand, maybe we are stuck in a very comfortable routine. The trick is to realize that the force of inertia (the tendency of bodies at rest to stay at rest) will keep you exactly where you are unless you do something. That something may not even relate to what you want.

You have probably heard of taking a big goal and chunking it down into smaller goals. This is a great idea. However, sometimes we do not even know where to begin.

What should be the first small goal?

What you may not realize is that any small change leads to more change. Just do something different. Wear red socks instead of navy socks. Take a different route to work. Eat at a different restaurant. Drink tea instead of coffee. Any change will do. You will become unstuck. It puts you into the change mode. The momentum will get you going on a roll, and before you know it, you’ll be making bigger and bigger changes relatively effortlessly. This technique enables you to skip the hard part of mustering up enough motivation, willpower, or courage to tackle a big goal, project or change.

For more, read Talane’s Top Ten Tips for Getting Unstuck and Get Motivated.

I’ve included this absolutely beautiful and inspiring short video about the impact of adding wolves to Yellowstone National Park, demonstrating the powerful impact of small changes.

P.S. This tip is excerpted from my international bestselling book, Coach Yourself to Success: 101 Tips to Accomplish Your Personal and Professional Goals, which now includes a free month of online life coaching.

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