Strengthen Your Strengths in Your Career with the Law of Attraction

I’ve been working with one of my career coaching clients for several months now. He is a very successful entrepreneur and business owner in his mid-fifties. He could easily retire, but found that he couldn’t stand doing nothing. At the same time, he didn’t want the stress of his regular work. We quickly eliminated one of the lines of business he was running that caused the most stress . Already, he is much happier. This one change enabled him to cut his work week by about 20 hours. Now, he has more time to enjoy his family. He was wondering if life coaching might be a good new career that would keep him challenged mentally without the headaches.

Whenever a client is considering a different career path, I always recommend taking the Career Change Kit. It includes a three-hour comprehensive abilities assessment. What is amazing about this assessment is that it looks at your hard-wired strengths, not your learned skills or your IQ. And then it handily ranks your strengths from top to bottom so you can clearly see what you are naturally good at and what you aren’t. The truly fabulous thing about this assessment is that it can spot hidden abilities—things you might be able to do naturally and effortlessly but never had a chance to do.

The business coaching client above had a hidden strength. It turns out that he has all three of the abilities needed to be a very talented musician (rhythm memory, tonal memory and pitch discrimination). Somehow, he never tried playing an instrument even though he enjoys listening to music and has a very good ear. My guess is that he will, very quickly, be able to learn to play just about any instrument he chooses, given his natural abilities in this area. Most people who have such a strong untapped ability find that this discovery gives great joy and a deep satisfaction that may have eluded them all their lives.

And, the report also confirmed that yes, life coaching would also be a good career for him. Always nice to know up front before you invest thousands of dollars and years of training!

What does this have to do with the laws of attraction? Mastery of anything is very attractive. And, it is much easier to become a master of something if it is one of your hard-wired natural strengths. Waste no more time developing your weaknesses! Instead focus and invest in your strengths and watch the world come to you!

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