Elevator Pitch: 3 Templates for Creating a Powerful Pitch

Have you ever struggled to come up with a snappy elevator pitch? If so, these templates will help you create one in a flash. First impressions are lasting. So, having a powerful, short pitch about your services or job will ensure maximizing your brand. This will help build a powerful reputation for doing great work.

Elevator Pitch Template #1

I help _______ by doing _______that______, _____and _____.


I help job seekers by writing resumes that open doorsgenerate interviews, and outperform the competition.

Elevator Pitch Template #2

(Who am I?) ________ (adjective /identifying noun) ________ (pick one: eager to; driven to; with a passion for; with a strong interest in) _______ (what you do) verb-ing for the ________ (industry or population) through-by/____________(adjective/ noun.)


Energetic new Bio grad eager to create solutions for the Pharma industry through application of meticulous research and exceptional analytical skills.

Elevator Pitch Template #3

Ask these 3 questions first:

  1. What problems do I solve or enjoy solving?
  2. How do I solve them, or what are the results?
  3. For whom do I solve them?


A)     I love/enjoy ______________ for  _____________ in order to ___________ .

“I love analyzing operating budgets for non-profits in order to find creative ways to save money.”


B)      I help ___________ by doing ___________ that results in   _____________ .

“I help food industry clients by designing quirky PR campaigns that catch the attention of customers and boost sales.”


Article compliments of Margie Cherry of Lafayette College.

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