Become A Master in Your Career

Become A Master in Your Career

Many of us think we have to do it all and be good at everything in order to be successful. It’s part of our independent spirit. We live in a time and in a civilization where we can actually afford not to do it all. Yet, for some reason, we still think we should. We think we have to go to work, cook the gourmet meal, clean the house spotlessly, take care of the children, have an extraordinary social life, take classes to improve ourselves—all in the same day or week. What if you just strengthened your strengths, really took a look at what you are good at, focused on mastering that and delegated the rest? What would your life look like then?

Mastery is very attractive.

If you want the world to come to you, become masterful at something you love doing and have some natural talent for. Why not become absolutely the best at what you do?

Develop your special talents and skills so that you stand out from the crowd.

Tiger Woods is a master golfer and it has earned him a few pretty pennies. If you notice, he still works with his coach because a real master never gets lazy at his own game, but keeps on honing and perfecting his or her skills. Mastery is an art, and even if you have the natural gift for something, it usually takes time, practice, and dedication to make that gift pay off. Despair not, it is well worth the effort.

In the 20 some years I’ve been coaching clients, I’ve never once heard anyone ever say they regretted investing money to develop their special gift or talent. In fact, it is always the reverse. We regret not investing time, money and energy in something we think we might secretly be good at. We regret the things we do not do or try, far more than the things that we try and fail.

If you try something only to discover you don’t enjoy it that much, aren’t that good at it, or really don’t have the requisite talent to be the best in the field, that will put your mind at rest. You can keep it as a fun and enjoyable hobby. Better to learn that as soon as possible and move on quickly to developing your real hidden talents. You don’t want to waste your life thinking, “If I had only done…” Do it and then you’ll know once and for all. Failure isn’t really that big a deal.

I have invested time and money in honing and continually developing my own coaching skills.

As a Certified Coach and a Master Life Coach, I have achieved the highest qualification in the field of professional coaching. I think how easily I could have remained in management at the bank. I left a relatively high-paying, prestigious career in banking to start up my own life coaching business when, at the time in the late 90’s, no one had even heard of life coaching. It was a bold move, but 100% right for me.

It was only years later that I took the online career assessments in the Career Change Coaching Kit™ and discovered that coaching was indeed one of my natural abilities. When I was forking over money for coach training, it would have been very reassuring if I had had this confirmation beforehand that I was on the right career path.

If you are thinking of a career change or investing money in any kind of training or education, I’d strongly recommend that you take the Career Change Coaching Kit™ first—just to make sure you are on the right track investing in your hard-wired abilities and aren’t wasting your money or time chasing a pipedream. Then, you’ll be able to go confidently toward your dreams and trust that you are making the best possible investment in your talents and future.

Go for mastery of your natural strengths and talents and success will come to you.

To learn more about your own natural talents and innate abilities, click The Career Change Coaching Kit™ here.

As an addendum to the above, I’ve recently noticed that when you master one area really well, often people (especially my husband for some reason!) seem to think you should be competent at everything. Ha! I have to remind him that I’m not so good at certain areas—techy stuff for one thing and ironing for another! Once you know what your real abilities are, it makes it much easier to focus on your strengths and delegate the other tasks. And, it is nice to have solid, objective, scientific proof in the form of a printed report so you can show it to those in doubt. See the related article about strengthening your strengths and delegation by clicking here.

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