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"I always look forward to see what the new assignment will be."

“I’ve had a lot of great life changes since I’ve started the Coach Yourself to Success Online program such as I’ve been able to get rid of a lot of stuff that I don’t need…. I’ve donated a lot of things and have sold things at my local used book store as well as on Craig’s list. I’m using the money to buy an iPad. Something I wouldn’t normally splurge on myself.

Since I’ve made more room in my life, I’m receiving an additional $500 per month that was unexpected. I’ve lost 25 lbs and many more changes. I really enjoy the weekly call-ins Coaching Hours. I’m on week 30 now and always look forward to see what the new assignment will be.”

—Peggy Tidwell
Business Owner
Scottsdale, AZ

"I found a joy inside me that I'm not sure I've seen since I was a kid!"

“2010 started low, and quickly got lower. My relationship ended, and I was lost – underemployed, significantly overweight and more depressed than ever before. I was literally spending hours sitting inside my closet crying and praying for some release from the pain I was feeling. This was compounded with the shame I felt because at the same time, I was in the process of getting my own certification as a life coach. To get through each day was literally a moment by moment struggle for several weeks.

During this time I was trying everything to turn my life around. I tried to start a business, lose weight, find a different job and house, and most importantly “move on.” While several things helped during this time, one of the most important components was the work I did on LifeCoach.com. One specific activity sticks out as the “turning point.” There is an activity called the Petty Annoyance List, and it asks you to list all the little things that bug you – and then challenges you to take care of them. That’s it! So simple, and yet I still clearly remember when I did that activity; because my whole world shifted that day.

I knocked off things from my list that had been accumulating for years, and I felt so good that I then went through my house and started discarding and sorting things. Then I went to my storage unit and tackled that. In a few months of steady work I managed to turn my petty annoying LIFE into something I was proud of. By the end of 2010 I had lost fifty pounds of me, and thousands of pounds of “stuff,” I found the perfect job for me making literally the exact amount of money I wanted to make and most importantly I found a joy inside me that I’m not sure I’ve seen since I was a kid! If that’s not success, I don’t know what is!”

—Jessica Adkisson
Eureka, CA

"I finally found who I was under all the rubble and behind the veneer"

“When I left my abusive marriage in 2001, I was a mess. I was clueless about who I was and what I wanted out of life. I had so many questions, so many hurts. My path up and out of the hole I was in was very painful and slow-going.

Then, in 2009 I got a hold of Talane’s book, The Secret Laws of Attraction and ATE IT UP!! I couldn’t get enough of this book! I was stunned to find out one of my values is Seeking Beauty. Then why is my house such a mess? My wardrobe disorganized and haphazard? My car dirty? I was so embarrassed to have guests in my house. Then in one of the Coach Yourself to Success teleconferences, Talane suggested I change my goals to reflect my values. Wow! Now instead of feeling guilty and living with “I SHOULD…”, I have instead reached for Beauty, and what a difference. Cleaning my house is a joy, because for the first time I’m doing it for me. This is unbelievable!!

It’s been a long road, but people around me can tell you I am a very different person then I was even only 3 years ago. There’s a lot less anxiety in my life in general. It’s amazing how just one revelation like that can change your life. I’ve been finding more! Woo hoo!! And I have only BEGUN to follow my Joy instead of a list of ‘shoulds.’ I believe your house is a reflection of your life, of what’s inside your head. Talk about depressing! But when I applied the amazing principles in her book, I finally found who I was under all the rubble and behind the veneer…I am now taking care of MY needs and MY dreams. Things have changed! Wow! Not only is my house/job/car changing, so is my self-concept and my self-esteem. As a result, even the quality of men I’ve been attracting has changed from night to day.

Talane, I love your books! Lots of hugs!! 😀 Thank God for the rest of us that you are following YOUR joy, lol…”

—Meggie Cole
Kettering, Ohio, USA

"I reluctantly executed Talane's advice. Surprisingly, it worked!!!"

“I bought Coach Yourself to Success in 2004 at a very low point in my life. I felt like a failure financially, professionally, and personally. As I read the book, I reluctantly executed Talane’s advice. Surprisingly, it worked!!! Over the course of a year, my life changed in dramatic ways — I moved to NYC, I finished my MBA, I ended an unfulfilling relationship, and attracted more clients to my business.

Admittedly, I put the book aside for awhile and then years later, I was reintroduced to Talane’s Coach Yourself to Success Online Program. Again at a plateau in my professional life, I eagerly completed the weekly assignments and participated in the weekly conference calls. I began to experience new accomplishments — I won 2 professional achievement awards, saved over $30,000 in one year, and strengthened 2 new, fun girlfriend relationships.

Ultimately, there have been 4 books in the last 13 years that have significantly transformed my life from struggle and failure to peace and accomplishment. The four books are Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God, Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and of course, Talane’s Coach Yourself to Success and its companion online program. While the first 3 transformed my thoughts, Coach Yourself To Success changed my actions.

Thank you, Talane.”

—Robin A. Young
VP, Wealth Management

"It's almost magic, how you can answer every kind of question not only on short notice, but going step-by-step and building a clear, powerful message"

“I would just like to thank you for answering my question on the Call-in Hour on 10th May, the recording of which I have just listened to. There’s a lot of truth in what you say: needs are not optional, if we don’t meet them they will run our lives. Therefore it is not wise to skip them, because they will always be there unless I take care of them. They are much too powerful to be left unattended. If I don’t deal with them, I won’t have a chance to correctly identify and live according to my true values, or even to succeed in other less ambitious projects, because I won’t be giving my very best. It would be great if the subject for the next month will be meeting needs.

Thanks to your coaching I have realized in the last weeks that I am a chronic “task skipper”, and I am becoming aware of both the complications and the source of the dissatisfaction. Working methodically on the coaching program may give me a chance to master this. The whole Call-in Hour was delightful to listen to, full of the most interesting questions and brilliant answers! I have taken good note of your tip about the limiting thoughts. It’s almost magic, how you can answer every kind of question not only on short notice, but going step-by-step and building a clear, powerful message. All in all, thanks for such an excellent and inspiring Call-in Hour!”


"I am truly experiencing New Year Evolution with the help of Coach Yourself to Success Online program with Talane"

“Before, I knew in my head what to do, as I would read a lot of personal growth books, but was having difficulty in applying it by myself.

I was surprised on my first weekly group call to be talking “live” with the person who authored the book, Coach Yourself to Success and who became my personal coach and encourager to make the changes I desired in my life for 2011.

Since I started 2 weeks ago I have: lost 5 lbs. by improved nutrition and regular exercise, taken (4) storage bins of clothes to charity, organized my bathroom medicine and storage cabinets, de-cluttered my filing cabinets and donated two boxes of books. My energy has increased by starting to eliminate some of the “unnecessary” and creating space and energy for the “important.” My desire in life is to finish strong with no regrets.”

—Larry Hitch
Edgewood, Ky.
Retired from Ford Motor Co.

"Talane Miedaner's Coach Yourself to Success Online program really works"

“I began the program last November and feel well on the way to success in many areas.

Life is beginning to change for me even at this early stage. One of the first exercises is to write a list of petty annoyances. 2010 was a year in which I discovered many aspects of life that were annoying, or more than annoying: Problems I was having with a job that I liked but felt stuck in; the expense of childcare in my part of the country; potential home improvement projects in every room of our house; loss of contact with some friends; difficulties training my dog and stress in my marriage. I felt as though I was living through an individual-level “Sputnik moment.” But writing down a list of annoyances, whether they were petty or not, turned me from a complainer into a problem-solver. When I could look back over the list I pasted into my online journal, I realized that getting all these annoyances out of my head and into written form left me with room to think of solutions to try. For example, I had described family members as “slobs” on the list. I read the list again and found that the term sounded harsh to me. So I began finding things they had left lying around and asking them in a neutral tone what they wanted done with each thing. This made them much more likely to clean up after themselves once they realized that I was noticing so many things that could be organized better.

Another important exercise is to establish boundaries and hold oneself up to higher standards. I established the boundary that people could not yell or swear at me. I used Talane’s four-step system of communicating these boundaries to people in my family who sometimes do this and both of them quickly and sincerely apologized. And since they also know that I hold myself to the same standards, my relationships with them have improved markedly.”


"I cannot stress enough how much value Talane has packed into this program"

“I really have to hand it to Talane for coming up with LifeCoach.com. At the time I discovered her, I was in the beginning stages of a career transition. I knew I needed some guidance, but felt that a private coach was a “luxury” I couldn’t possibly afford. The beauty of the LifeCoach.com design is not only in providing a comprehensive, high-quality program at a very affordable price, but also in enabling one to participate in the program at any level, and to still get life-changing benefits. Of course, the more effort you put into anything worth doing, the more you will get out of it. But I cannot stress enough how much value Talane has packed into this program, and how even the simplest tools provided such amazing clarity. I now understand all about my own “hardwired abilities,” what my personal needs are and how to get them met, and even the importance of keeping my fingernails clean and trimmed! I’m also certain how much these—and many other facets of the program—were instrumental in guiding me to a new path in life (and the journey continues!).

Talane is very fond of saying there is no better time in the history of mankind to get out and start your own business. But even if you don’t picture yourself as a business owner, I would add there is no better time in your own life to reach out and ask for help. That little voice in the back of your mind telling you: ‘You know you can do better than this!’ is speaking the truth. And whether you think you can’t change your course due to a miserable job, a dysfunctional love life, financial mismanagement, or being buried at the bottom of a pile of clutter—Talane has been through all of those and more, and has come out on top. Her passion in life is sharing what she has learned to help you to do the same … if you are willing to listen, learn, and act! I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. Let her help you as well!

—David Disheroon, Neurofeedback Technologist

"I'm still grateful for your guidance and, on a daily basis, recall several things you told me."

“I took your advice to heart and truly relished my time off and am now mentally prepared for my new academic life. On Tuesday this week I started that new career at UT Austin. It feels GREAT! I can’t believe you were able to guide me through this major life decision with just one month of coaching. So, thank you again for helping me see through the fog!”

—Molly P.

"Creating space has improved my relationship."

“First, I gained some real value from the program—mostly it was in helping me become unstuck in a few key areas. Like you said, it seemed almost like magic. I didn’t push anything or struggle, rather I just eased up and changed my viewpoint and then things shifted. For example, for a long time I’ve been bothered by all the clutter my very sweet and dear husband leaves around the house. I just accepted it as my lot in life to constantly need to move this stuff around as I need an orderly environment (my #1 emotional need as it turns out) and he doesn’t. But over the past nine weeks I realized that I was being proprietary about our space. Most all the space in the house is taken up with my stuff. We had very few places where his stuff could live, and no permanent home equaled constant clutter.

This summer we eliminated a guest room and turned it into an office for my husband. He treated himself to a new computer with huge monitor and killer sound system, and even though it is not yet furnished, he is enjoying spending time there and voila, we have a place for a lot of his stuff. It wasn’t hard to do this and we are both much happier on this issue as a result. Also now in general I am more open to moving things around or even stowing my stuff in the basement if he feels he needs more space. I just don’t feel as attached to it as I always have.

There’s a saying that it is pure folly to try to change another person, the only person you can change is yourself, and I discovered through the class that as I just quietly changed myself it caused people around me to follow my example, which was really neat too. And you’re right, men respond really well to declarative sentences vs. questions. I am doing that now with great results.”

—Participant from Dublin, OH

"I turned my financial life around!"

“Talane, I just wanted to write you a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your book Coach Yourself to Success. I have been reading and re-reading it for several years now. A few months ago I left a job that I liked to make more money as a pharmaceutical sales rep. I worked very long hours and was away from home for two weeks every month. My territory covered most of the state of California. During that time I was so miserable that I spent all of the extra money that I was making on expensive shoes and handbags. I even racked up some credit card debt. Frustrated with my life, I told my husband about my dream to open a clothing boutique. His first question was how much money I had saved towards my dream. Of course I hadn’t saved anything because I thought it was an impossible dream. But he was right. How could I open a business if I didn’t have any savings?

So I re-read the chapter, Making Money Work for You and decided to test your theory about money, the one that says that once you respect money and the universe sees that you are no longer wasting it, more will come to you. I paid off all of my credit card debt, I stopped shopping, I started coming home for lunch, my husband and I stopped eating out every night and started cooking at home, and I can’t believe what is happening! I got a vacation paycheck that I wasn’t expecting and last week I got a commission check out of the blue from my old company. I have already saved 10% of what I need to make my dream come true! I really believe that you can attract money once you stop wasting it. I am happy to say that I left that job and even though I don’t make as much money now, I’ve never had so much in my savings account!”

Flannery Montano Good

"Getting rid of my petty annoyances prompted my boyfriend to propose!"

“First of all I want to apologize for my English, because it’s not my mother tongue. Anyway, I enjoy your tips that I receive in my inbox, especially the tip from this week (get rid of all those petty annoyances). I found this a rather stupid idea. But after a few weeks, I decided to do it anyway. The things that annoyed me the most were: the fact that my boyfriend and I still do not live together even after being a couple for several years; the renovation of our house that doesn’t go fast enough; little irritations of still living with my parents; seeing my friends having good jobs and earning a lot more money than I with my freelance copywriting and journalism…

So I decided to make the list and to do something about my look by going to a style & colour specialist (another of your tips!). I feel more comfortable in “my” colours and I began to attract more paying clients for my copywriting.

And the most important change: since a few weeks I’m pregnant! All of a sudden my boyfriend realizes that it would be much better marrying and living together – even if our house is not ready. The little annoyances disappear little by little. I don’t know if it has something to do with the list, but I think it was helpful to see some things in perspective. What also helped to see things more clear is to write in a diary. It is very therapeutic.”

—Katleen Van Landschoot (Belgium)

"I had heard of Talane Miedaner's coaching and work, and decided to look her up."

“I am so glad that I did! Her books, audios and life coaching program contain some of the most practical and useful information and advice I have encountered. Her ideas are simple and easily implemented, yet make a tremendous difference if you take the time to follow her step-by-step plan. Since reading Coach Yourself to Success, I have ordered all of her books and audio programs! If you seek to make the best of yourself and what is already inside you, you couldn’t find a better resource.”

-Suzanne Levy, ACC, CMC, CWC

"After implementing Talane's life coaching program..."

“I organized my finances, calculated my net worth, fired a financial advisor, threw out a mountain of junk, re-decorated my apartment, hired a reliable cleaning lady, upgraded my computer skills, and got a new job paying $20,000 more than my old one!”

-Vice President, Bear Stearns, New York

"I love these life coaching call-in-hour recordings!"

“I listen to them over and over each week as I commute. They make a big difference in my personal growth and success. Thank you!”

-Linda Tiffany, Executive Assistant to CEO, Salt Lake City

"I always look forward to the recorded calls."

“I can’t always make the coaching call-in-hours and they always seem to offer a lot of new stuff. Thanks, as always, for such a great program. My life is so much better now from where I was before I discovered your books and the online program. It was good, but now it is way better. You are awesome!”

Patricia Mock, Virginia

"Wow! Love it!"

“I have suggested this book [The Secret Laws of Attraction] to every woman I know (and some men), married or single. The style is appealing, empowering, and again, completely engaging.”

Lakeshia Rivers Ekeigwe, Irvine, California

"Talane is a masterful life coach."

“She is the living embodiment of the laws of attraction.”

-Sandy Vilas, MCC, CEO of Coach U, Inc.

"Thanks to your online program I am on the road to reaching my dreams."

“I know more about myself, my needs, my values, and the things that make my heart sing. My somatic markers are clear. I am now committed to taking steps towards a new career and relocating to a different city, in order to create my ideal life.”


"I realized my dream."

“1.5 years after reading your book “Coach Yourself To Success”: and a small stint in your coaching program, I started my own conflict management business. Thanks for inspiring me.”

Warm regards,
Thilan Legierse

"I look forward to continuing this journey and to welcoming others to this great coaching experience."

“I joined the Coach Yourself to Success Online program last month because I decided it was time for a combination “career tune-up, wellness checkup, and life recharging experience” that would renew my focus for this new decade in my life. It’s something I decided to do for me, and it’s amazing what started to shift as soon as I made the commitment to invest in myself. I revisited some favorite exercises from my well-worn copy of Coach Yourself to Success, starting with a list of petty annoyances that were driving me crazy that I could fix and let go of. I started writing real thank you notes to friends and business colleagues, which I had been missing in the age of email and online networks.

I started to create a time-reserve, intentionally building in a few extra minutes so I wouldn’t feel pinched during the workday or at home in the evening, and the breathing space is so healthy for me. I realized I did have time for my lifetime Weight Watchers membership, and the meetings with my co-workers are fun and uplifting. Last Saturday, I said “Yes!” to a new women’s fund at our Community Foundation of Utah, and met a group of fun, dynamic women who are going to invest new philanthropic dollars to help women and girls complete their education and take on leadership roles.

I appreciate the flexibility of the online program, with access to Talane whenever I need the feedback, and the opportunity to put ideas in writing & follow up. The ideas and strategies from other members of the online community are insightful and valuable, and I have been made to feel welcome from the very first day.”

Many Thanks
Mary T. Migliorelli

"Thank you for a fabulous 9-week transformation!"

“The clutter is gone (home, work, mind!) and that’s made it easier to make decisions I trust — no more wasting time second-guessing. I embarked on a new professional journey I didn’t have the confidence to try until now. My communication is (becoming) precise and clear. Boundary work, needs assessment – BIG areas of change, and relatively simple. Everything — personal and professional — seems to be in “flow.”

Talane, thank you so much for providing this opportunity. I’ve been using your book on-off for about two years. I wasn’t prepared to invest in personal coaching yet, so this class was a great bridge/introduction. I came into this course extremely open and prepared for change and I carry that same openness to my new career and expect I will do personal coaching within the year!”

Warm thanks,
Marilyn Brodeur

"I wanted to write to you to tell you how wonderful the last 5.5 years have been."

“Dear Talane, It has been since the fall of 2010 that we worked together and I wanted to write to you to tell you how wonderful the last 5.5 years have been.

This past weekend, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a PhD in Geography. It was a dream come true and I want to thank you for helping me gather up the courage to leave commercial real estate and pursue a PhD. I was miserable when I found your book, Coach Yourself to a New Career. Then, only after a couple of phone sessions with you and the Highlands exam, I found my way back to Geography and to happiness.

My research has taken me every summer to the Peruvian Andes, where I have been working on the effects of climate change on high altitude wetlands. I know I’m in the right field because it never feels like work! It’s such a far cry from real estate. I think of your guidance often and how grateful I am for your insight. I don’t yet know what’s next, but there are two excellent job prospects on the horizon in academia. I have especially found joy in teaching undergraduates. You predicted that I would because you told me that I have a message to share. And I do.

So, many years later, thank you for all you did for me.

With admiration and best wishes,”

Molly Polk

"I’ve immensely benefitted from my one-on- one coaching sessions with Talane."

“She listened to what I wanted to work on and tailored her techniques to my particular situation. She always suggested sensible and practical ways to tackle my issues, and they worked! Working together with her, I could clarify my own priorities and better recognize the obstacles in my path. This has put me at ease with my professional challenges: I feel both happier and more productive.”

Hans-Walter Rix, Director, Max-Planck- Institut für Astronomie