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How are you handling modern-day survival?

Discover how to gain the vitality and strength you need to attract the best opportunities and people to you.

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About The Clean Sweep Quiz

The Clean Sweep Quiz consists of 100 items that will tell you how well you have handled the basics of modern-day survival.

You have more natural energy when your environment, health and emotional balance, money, and relationships are all operating at a high level.

The Clean Sweep is surprisingly tough, so do not get discouraged if your starting score is low.

My first score was 22 points out of 100, and it took me a year to get my score into the low 90’s –- a much better place to be in life!

The more points you gain on the Clean Sweep Quiz, the easier your life will become and the easier it will be to reach your bigger goals. The lower your score, the more life feels like a struggle.

The good news is that once you reach 90+ total points on the Clean Sweep Quiz, you will discover that life isn’t such a struggle and it will be much easier to attract the best opportunities and people to you.

You will start activating the law of attraction the more points you get in each category of your environment, health, money, and relationships. This is the first step to living your ideal life.

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Our Success Stories

Something you said stuck with me: ‘You have to give yourself the life you want before you have it.’ You suggested starting with something as simple as hiring a house cleaner before you are rich. Now I make my week happen. I’m filled up with energy. I love my life and I love being me.
Quinn Simpson

Co-Founder, Akosia.org

I’ve had a lot of great life changes since I’ve started the Coach Yourself to Success Online program. I’ve been able to get rid of a lot of stuff that I don’t need … Since I’ve made more room in my life, I receive an additional $500 a month. I’ve lost 25 lbs. I always look forward to see what the new assignment will be.
Peggy Tidwell

Business Owner, Scottsdale

I cannot stress enough how much value Talane has packed into this course, and how even the simplest tools provided such amazing clarity. I now understand all about my own “hardwired abilities”, what my personal needs are and how to get them met. I’m also certain these were instrumental in guiding me to a new path in life.

David Disheroon

Neurofeedback Technologist

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