The effortless way to success with money

In this course you’ll learn the steps to take to reach financial freedom and independence faster so you can choose to retire early if you wish.

I will share the secrets to mastering your money so that instead of working for money, your money is working for you, freeing you up to do what you love and follow your passions.

In addition to learning the essentials of personal finance and basic investing, you’ll also learn how to make the mental shift from spender to saver and the mindset of the wealthy. I will bust through the myths of financial freedom that abound. You will see that you don’t need to make a big six figure salary, nor do you need to be extremely frugal to become financially free. You don’t need to slave away in a job you don’t love for 30 to 40 years either.

You can take the shortcut to FIRE with the simple steps in this course and get on the path to achieving your financial dreams and living richly now.

Key benefits

  • Learn how to calculate your own “magic number” for retiring early
  • Get out of debt faster
  • Shift from spender to saver
  • Learn the simple way to invest wisely
  • Set your own retirement date
Lessons in the FIRE course
  • What is Financial Freedom?
  • The Traditional Path
  • The FIRE Path
  • Hedonistic Adaptation/Lifestyle Creep
  • You Control Your Retirement Date
  • The Challenge
  • How much do you need for FIRE?
  • Why does this work?
  • Real Life Example
  • Real Life Example
  • Clear the Roadblocks
  • What if you have debts?
  • Emotional Spending
  • Is there an Easier Way to Financial Freedom?
  • How to be a Millionaire
  • The Rule of 72
  • The first $100,000 is the hardest
  • Compounding at 7%
  • Too good to be true?
  • Where to Invest to Get 7% Returns?
  • Average American Household
  • How to come up with $28 a day?
  • The Magic Number = Your Salary
  • Reduce Risk
  • Buy Income-Producing Assets
  • Save Money, Save the Planet
  • Stealth Wealth
  • Dangers of Extreme Frugality
  • The Paths to Wealth
  • Think Rich to be Rich
  • Get on the Fast Path to Wealth
  • What about Inflation?
  • The Trouble with Earned Income
  • The Velocity of Money
  • Leverage
  • Pay down debt or invest?
  • Risk
  • Learn how to spot bargains
  • Beware the Scam
  • Wealth Principle
  • Risk Management
  • Small Fees Matter Big Time!
  • Rules to Live By
  • Think Big, Start Small
  • What to do with Windfalls?
  • Live Richly Now
  • Create the Wealth Mirage
  • The Simple Path to Financial Freedom
  • The Wealth Pyramid
  • The Bucket Strategy
  • Buy a Home, Not a Castle
  • Skip the Money Steps
  • Your Magic Number
  • 3 Paths to Financial Freedom