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What are the relationship rules that lead to healthy, happy relationships?

The laws of attraction

The first law of attraction: “Like attracts like” is the secret to long-lasting, healthy relationships. When we are fully living our core values, we effortlessly attract others who share those values. Once you start embracing your passion and living your dreams, you instantly become more attractive to others. It’s truly the effortless way to find and keep the love of your life as well as the secret to happiness.

The second law of attraction: “If you don’t need it, you are more likely to attract it.”

If our emotional needs are unmet, we repel what we most desire. When we’ve fulfilled our deepest needs—such as the need to be cherished or loved, the need to be heard, the need to be appreciated, or the need for harmony—we are naturally more attractive. The best relationship coaches know that understanding what relationships are about starts with understanding your personal and emotional needs.

Raising your emotional intelligence is essential to attracting healthy relationships. If you find you keep attracting the wrong people, can’t seem to find your soulmate, or if you struggle to get along with a difficult boss or colleagues, then raising your emotional IQ is a great place to start to build better relationships now.

Although this relationship advice sounds simple, it can be challenging work. The trick is learning how to apply the rules of relationships and the laws of attraction in your everyday life—and the first step is to identify your top four emotional need.

Relationship Success Stories

There’s a saying that…the only person you can change is yourself, and I discovered through the class that as I just quietly changed myself it caused people around me to follow my example, which was really neat too. And you’re right, men respond really well to declarative sentences vs. questions. I am doing that now with great results.

Dublin, OH

An important exercise is to establish boundaries and hold oneself to higher standards. I established the boundary that people could not yell or swear at me. I used Talane’s four-step system of communicating these boundaries to people in my family who do this and they quickly and sincerely apologized. And since they also know that I hold myself to the same standards, my relationships with them have improved markedly.

CYTS Member

“Coach Yourself to Success” definitely changed my life. I implemented each of the points mentioned and am different, more courageous, independent person now. I feel success is flowing to me now. I am 27, and my key difference I feel, after reading your book is: “let everything flow” don’t stop anything, if something or someone has to go .. just let it go

Alba Vazquez


Emotional Index Quiz

The Emotional Index Quiz is an organic quiz designed to help you quickly and easily sort out your top four needs from over 100 different personal and emotional needs.

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Raise Your Emotional IQ Course

In this course, you’ll identify your own unique set of Personal and Emotional Needs, and learn how to use that knowledge to clarify the practical changes you can make to create the life you want.

Secret Laws of Attraction

This easy-to-follow guide provides a comprehensive quiz to help you identify your top four emotional needs and includes step-by-step instructions on how to meet those needs.

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