11 Tips for Painless Saving

Tips for Painless Saving Automate it. If it isn’t in your bank account you won’t miss it. Celebrate a pay raise or bonus with a special night out. Then invest the rest of it automatically by increasing the automatic debits to your investment account or increasing the portion you prepay your mortgage by. Shop around […]

Money and Happiness

We’ve all heard the old expression: money can’t buy happiness, but that isn’t the truth. You can rethink your spending for greater joy and happiness. The research shows that how we spend our money can have a real impact on our experience of happiness and it turns out, most Americans are doing it backwards, spending […]

Eliminating Household Waste Saves Family 40%

Bea Johnson claims in her book, The Zero Waste Home, that she cut her family household living expenses by a whopping 40% simply by cutting out waste—wow! I was intrigued as so many Americans don’t have a spare $400 to cover an emergency. Could the solution to being better at saving money be shifting our […]