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The key to happiness is to eliminate or handle the sources of negativity in your life (reduce stress and anxiety, money worries, unhappy jobs, difficult bosses, bad habits) and add in the things that make you feel happier –those sources of positivity and joy such as healthy relationships; finding your ideal career or doing fulfilling work, or getting on the path to financial freedom so you are free to do whatever makes you happiest.

While it may be true that happiness is a choice, it is also an emotional state of mind. If your emotional needs aren’t satisfied, you are likely to feel a rankling discontent, no matter how good your life appears on the surface.

Take the Emotional Index Quiz to learn how you can start being happier today.

You can also learn how to be happier by simplifying your life, finding your ideal career and creating deeper, more profound relationships. The true art of happiness is to find happiness regardless of your life circumstances, but I find it is usually easier to start doing the things that make you happy and eliminating the little things that annoy and irritate you.

If you are struggling to find happiness, feel stuck in a rut, or are wondering what simple things you can do to be happier, why not take the Perfect the Present Quiz [link] to discover what you can do to start creating more happiness in your life today?

Emotional Index Quiz

Start by identifying your top four emotional needs.

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Our Success Stories

My friends now tell me I was so grumpy when I worked at the law firm. Now they say I’m the way I’m supposed to be—happy, relaxed, fun-loving. When people see me with the dogs, they say, “… that is what you were meant to do…”
Melissa Todd

Owner, Hip Hounds

Something you said stuck with me: ‘You have to give yourself the life you want before you have it.’ You suggested starting with something as simple as hiring a house cleaner before you are rich. Now I make my week happen. I’m filled up with energy. I love my life and I love being me.

Quinn Simpson

Co-Founder, Akosia.org

I started following your basic recommendations (like organize your office, stop watching TV, figure out what is important to you… 

And actually it turned out that I feel much better. I’m much more focused and aware of what I’m doing and the biggest thing– my boss promoted me for a new higher position!


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