Find your true calling in life

If you are wondering how to find your ideal career, how to find work you love, you are not alone.

The latest research shows that 50% of the Western world is unhappy with their job. It isn’t always easy to change careers or to figure out your ideal career path without the support of a career coach or a career counsellor, but you can speed up the process by taking advantage of the best career tests and assessments available in the world.

When you are doing work that you love and are passionate about, you are happy and excited about life, you are full of energy and joy. Whether you are looking to change careers in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s it’s never too late.

Now is the perfect time to find the career of your dreams, your true calling in life.

If you feel that you haven’t tapped into your full potential or that there has to be a more fulfilling and rewarding career out there, you are right. If you find you hit that snooze alarm every morning, or dread Monday mornings then you are definitely ready for a career change. If you aren’t sure what you want to do when you grow up and you are already grown up, then the Career Change Kit or a Career Coach may be just the thing you need to get the clarity and direction you seek.

We have the most sophisticated career tests and assessments in the world to help you identify the ideal career.

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Introducing the Career Change Kit

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The Career Change Kit

Whether you need a complete turnabout or the tools to take your career to the next level, you’ll benefit from the Career Change Coaching Kit. The Kit includes two online computerized assessments with in-depth personalized reports, the Coach Yourself To A New Career book and a full video debrief to help you understand your results.

Coach Yourself to a New Career

In this step-by-step manual, she’ll coach you to the richer, more rewarding life you’ve always wanted—using her proven techniques of personal reinvention to help you succeed on any career path, in any job market.

“I wanted to write to you to tell you how wonderful the last 5.5 years have been. 

This past weekend, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a PhD in Geography. It was a dream come true and I want to thank you for helping me gather up the courage to leave commercial real estate and pursue a PhD. I was miserable when I found your book, Coach Yourself to a New Career. Then, only after a couple of phone sessions with you and the Highlands exam, I found my way back to Geography and to happiness.

My research has taken me every summer to the Peruvian Andes, where I have been working on the effects of climate change on high altitude wetlands. I know I’m in the right field because it never feels like work! It’s such a far cry from real estate. I think of your guidance often and how grateful I am for your insight. I don’t yet know what’s next, but there are two excellent job prospects on the horizon in academia. I have especially found joy in teaching undergraduates. You predicted that I would because you told me that I have a message to share. And I do.

So, many years later, thank you for all you did for me.

With admiration and best wishes,

Molly P.”

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