The Money Questions

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Almost all life coaching has a financial aspect to it because money is an important part of life. What are the money questions you should be asking yourself?

All my one-on-one private coaching clients are on the path to financial freedom. It isn’t enough to know the facts about money and how money multiplies to create wealth. You also have to have the right relationship with money to become financially free and independent. 

Here are a few money questions to consider:

1. How is your financial situation?
2. How stable is your income stream?
3. Do you live within, at, or beyond your means?
4. Are you a natural saver or a habitual spender?
5. How much credit card debt are you carrying?
6. How much money is enough for you?
7. What actions could you take that would double your current salary or profit?
8. What mistakes do you seem to make with money?
9. How much of a priority is making more money?
10. What holds you back financially?
11. What beliefs do you have about wealthy people?
12. What beliefs do you have about money?
13. Are you on the path to financial freedom? If not, why not?

If you would like to learn more about your relationship to money, how to break through your limiting beliefs and start living a naturally wealthy, abundant life click here.

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