Decluttering Activates the Law of Attraction

Decluttering activates the law of attraction. One of the easiest and most effective ways to effortlessly attract something new into your life is to create some empty space.

If you feel stuck, tackle a pile of clutter in your house. Throw out something that you no longer need or that no longer applies to your life. In fact, throw out lots of stuff and do a real clutter-clearing and I guarantee that you will start attracting all sorts of great things into your life.

Just be careful to say “no” to what you don’t want. If you want a new relationship, let go of an old one first. Or, if you want a new client, clear out your files and old emails. [Read related article, Organize Your Office here.] If you want some new clothes, clean the closet. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you clean out your sock drawer or the kitchen junk drawer or the garage. Just clear out the clutter and you will immediately activate the law of physics to your advantage. All clutter represents stuck energy. So, decluttering activates the law of attraction. This law is not mumbo jumbo—it is based on the laws of physics—nature abhors a vacuum. Create a vacuum and the universe will quickly send new things to fill your empty space. (Tip # 11 from Coach Yourself to Success).


Once you create the space, the universe will try to fill it.

You all know this from personal experience when you’ve cleaned out a drawer in your dresser only to find it gets filled up with stuff almost before you know it. Nature cannot resist an empty space.

This works for your schedule, too. If you want more time, leave some blank space in your schedule and start showing up 10 minutes early to every appointment. Don’t book everything up solid so that there is no room for some new opportunity to come in.

One client, an extremely busy and successful executive hired me because he wanted to find a woman to share his life. His schedule was so full that he didn’t even have time for one half-hour coaching call a week with me. I told him that he had a space problem and even if he did find the woman he dreamed of, he didn’t have any space in his life for her. He focused on leaving some time in the evenings and weekends free and, bingo, he attracted a partner in no time.

If you are having trouble clearing clutter, try this question when evaluating an object. Does this give me joy?

That is really the only relevant question and the ultimate filter for every single thing you have in your life. The second best question is, “Have I used this in the last six months?” If not, you had better ask why you are letting it clog up your life and block new and better things from coming in. For books, I find it helpful to ask, “Will I read this book again?” Read related articles on clutter clearing here.

Decluttering is probably the fastest and easiest way to attract something new in your life. It can be surprising and even shocking to see how quickly new and better things and opportunities come into your life—enjoy the process!

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