Who is the Sand in Your Oyster?

Why is it important to have people and events in your life that challenge you?

Most folks have responded really positively to the last series on Assimilating Truth from Thomas Leonard.  However, we got a few violently negative reactions as well.

This reminds me that, while I found him stimulating and inspiring, he was the sand in my oyster. By this I mean, he made me very uncomfortable. But as a result, he provoked me to make pearls. I had to do something with all that gritty sand after all! If you did find his comments on truth to be a bit caustic, see if you can figure out why this provoked you so much. Understanding this will no doubt lead to some interesting new truth for you. Any over-reaction to anything merits a bit of introspection.

I wouldn’t say that all my friends are “hip.” I love them as they are.

Leonard’s point is to have at least one friend who is willing to challenge your thinking and tell you the gritty truth. And if not a friend, at least go to listen to speakers or read books or magazines that will shake you up a bit. That’s all. And, there is nothing wrong with being cozy with a bunch of friends who all think the same. It depends on what your goals are. Some folks will set the world on fire and others are perfectly content to bask in the glow of the embers. We need all sorts. And Thomas was definitely the scary, demanding, prickly sort of coach. Meanwhile I’m the “let’s chat by the fire and sort things out” sort of coach.

Where have your over-reacted lately? What is it really about?

Hint: it is rarely about the surface stuff so take a deeper look and see what is going on. Instead of clamming up to keep the grit out of your cozy oyster shell maybe you could try diving into a sand pit instead. Roll around in it. Get gritty. Get really uncomfortable and see what happens. Or not. There is a time and a place for everything.

P.S. If you’d like a cozy, supportive, but also challenging environment, why not join us at LifeCoach.com? Not as gritty as Thomas Leonard to be sure. But you’ll get just enough challenge in this Online Coaching program to change your life pleasantly and effortlessly. No pain required, I promise! In fact, if you are struggling too much, you’ve probably missed a trick or two.

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