Use Creative Visualization to Get What You Most Desire

Leverage the Law of Attraction to Get What You Most Desire

One of my fellow life coaches shared a law of attraction strategy for getting whatever you desire, which is to visualize and imagine yourself living with whatever it is you want. The more you can make the future real in your mind’s eye, the more likely it is to be realized. It never occurred to me that I do this naturally whenever I want something, which might be why I often effortlessly attract what I want. When something doesn’t happen, I figure it is for the highest good or for reasons I can’t see at present.

Another coaching colleague described how she had her heart set on a particular house and in the end, didn’t get it.

For months she couldn’t even drive by that part of town—it was too painful. Then she found a much better house for much less! So often, it is all good, even the “bad” stuff. (Tip #9 from Coach Yourself to Success.)


Imagine needing to sell your home and within a week of listing, getting four cash buyers bidding for it. Nothing like attracting a great result. My husband wrote down a number—a big number—for what we’d love to get for our house and posted it on his office wall. We got just slightly over that thanks to the amazing power of writing things down. It is a great exercise in desiring something with every fiber of your being and at the same time, not being attached to the result.

This week, spend a few minutes visualizing yourself doing, being or having something that you want. Be on vacation in a fabulous place, or racing at Talladega with Ricky Bobby, whatever you desire. Then write it down and see what you attract.

Now you can get a bit fancier with visualization and create a personal or business vision…

Get an Inspiring Vision for Your Future

One of the principles of attraction is to have a big, compelling vision that pulls you forward in your business and life. For some reason, both my personal coaching clients and business coaching clients usually freak out when they hear the word.

How do you create a vision? Don’t panic. This isn’t hard at all. A vision should come to you naturally and it doesn’t have to be grandiose to be effective. In fact, you can have lots of visions and they can be personal or business-oriented. The point of having a vision is to inspire you to think really big and to plant a visual image in your brain to focus on. The brain is a powerful thing and will get to work on creating what you focus on.

Let’s look at some big, inspiring visions

Bill Gates has a vision for Microsoft to have a computer on every desk running Microsoft software. JFK had a vision to land a man on the moon. Martin Luther King had a vision for equality for all people. LifeCoach.com has a vision to make quality online life coaching accessible and affordable to everyone on the planet.

You can also have personal visions. When I was single and living in the Catskills Mountains alone with my two cats, I had a vision of having a family living in a beautiful house by the seaside. It has now come true. You might envision a new sofa for your living room or driving around in a red convertible. You don’t have to have lofty or generous visions. Selfish visions are perfectly okay!

How to create a vision?

Just think of what you’d love to have happen in your life and your business or career. If you draw a blank, take a stack of old magazines and flip through them. If something attracts you, cut it out. Paste everything you want on a white board and voila! This is the vision for your life. One executive coaching client did this and found a house exactly like the one she had cut out of the magazine!

How does this work?

It has to do with one of the laws of attraction: What you focus on expands. Mentally imagining and picturing your vision will help draw it to you. Like attracts like. If you picture what you want, you are more likely to attract it. Seems strange, but it is a very effective technique for attracting what you want in life. The trick is to see it as already true and to hold it very lightly, as you would a wish. When we are desperate to have something happen, we can drive the opportunity or person away. Attraction can’t be forced. Hold your goals lightly by thinking, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if________(I was living by the sea in a home with a beautiful view; driving a red convertible; doing work for this amazing company; fill in the blank with what you’d like to attract).

Try it and let me know what you attract. If you’ve already had success with this method, please share your story with me at admin@lifecoach.com


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