Weight Loss: Get Back to Basics

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Getting Back To Basics On Weight Loss…my husband loves Cross-fit. To improve his results, he decided to get the most optimal nutrition plan. He booked an appointment in Plymouth to meet with Lorne of Phalanx Performance Nutrition. Lorne is a very knowledgeable and surprisingly inspiring nutritionist. Lorne is designing a personalized plan for our whole family.

It was very refreshing to hear that what matters most for weight loss is running a weekly calorie deficit. Even if you don’t eat carbs, if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. Duh! But with all this focus on low-carb (we had been doing Paleo and Keto plans), we had lost sight of the fact that calories matter most.

Lorne said you can lose weight eating nothing but Twinkies, as long as you burn more than you eat (not that he recommended that plan as you’d feel wretched). My mom is laughing as calorie counting is as old as the hills.

Next week we get our plan. I’m excited to see what he comes up with for us. We are a complicated family with lots of allergies. I know that a weekly menu plan would make my life easier. Especially if I could cook one meal and not three!

Lorne says the key is finding that sweet spot. The spot where you can lose weight steadily without feeling deprived. We’ll be working with him over the next 12 weeks to find that spot. Can’t wait to update you on our progress in getting back to basics on weight loss. 


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