Can You Have It All?

Can you have it all?

I recently received a question from one of our members who had created the ideal life for herself. She had a lovely organic garden she tended, spent time daily in meditation and journaling, looked after her family and the household. Her dilemma was how to find time to start a business. It made me smile because obviously, something has to give. You wouldn’t expect to have a baby and not let a few other activities go on the back burner for quite some time, such as work for example.

Starting a new business is not unlike having a new baby in many ways. A new business needs a lot of time, attention, coddling and nursing until it gets legs and can stand on its own without so much support. And, like a child, that typically takes at least two to five years.

My first question would be, why mess up your ideal life with a new business?

Then, if you must persist with the business, what can you most easily put on hold or delegate to someone else that would free up the time you need? She had the choice to give up the enjoyable task of gardening and buy organic vegetables instead or to hire child care to free up her time to work on her new business. The fact that she didn’t want to do either of these things helped her see her real priorities at this time in her life. And those priorities might change as her children get older and more self-sufficient.

And, for all of us out there with one too many projects on the boil…is this really adding joy to your life? If not, get it off the plate! You can have it all, but may find it more enjoyable if it isn’t all at once.

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