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Irresistible Attraction: A Way of Life

Master Life Coach and bestselling author, Talane Miedaner, provides concrete examples and steps you can take to become irresistibly attractive to the money, love and opportunities you desire in this simple, 5-step program.

You will learn how to:

  • Eliminate everything you are tolerating
  • Effectively communicate your boundaries
  • Build a reserve of time and money
  • Combine excellence with personal style
  • Increase your energy
  • Attract people and opportunities to you

$19.95 – mp3 download or CD, 55 minutes

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Coach Yourself to Success Audio Program

Learn to create health, wealth and happiness with these nine 55-minute live recordings of Talane Miedaner’s Coach Yourself to Success phone class. Talane will show you how to effortlessly attract the money, love, happiness and success you most desire.

In these revealing and inspiring classes, Talane shares the same principles she uses when coaching high-level executives and business leaders at a cost of $3,000 per month. In each session Talane discusses the topic and then offers some on-the-spot life coaching to the participants. A great way to experience Talane’s wisdom in the convenience of your own home or while commuting to work.

Listen to this life-changing coaching program at your leisure and take your career and your life to the next level of success.

$125.00 – mp3 download, approx. 9 hours

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The Secret Laws of Attraction Audio Program

Recorded from a live phone class, Master Life Coach and bestselling author,Talane Miedaner, shares her unique approach to becoming irresistibly attractive to relationships, money, opportunities and successes. This 7-tiered program shows you how to stop struggling and start going with the flow. How to expand your willingness to have, fulfill your personal and emotional needs, orient your life around your core values and passions, indulge in excellent self-care and become effortlessly successful.

$95.00 – mp3 download, approx. 6 hours

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Career Change Coaching Kit™

Are you ready for a new career?

The Career Change Coaching Kit™ includes:

  1. The Highlands Ability Battery – a comprehensive 3-hour computerized assessment to identify your innate talents and abilities.
  2. The Workplace Motivators Report – a computerized assessment to discover your personal style and inner motivators.
  3. A full 6-hour audio explanation of your results by Talane Miedaner, one of the most acclaimed life coaches in the world.
  4. A copy of the book, Coach Yourself to a New Career by Talane Miedaner

If you are ready for a mid-life career change, are an executive looking to develop leadership skills, or a student wondering what to major in, learn more as the Career Change Kit™ will put you on a successful path for life.

These comprehensive online computerized assessments will help you identify your inherent abilities, tell you just how introverted or extroverted you are, how far you think into the future, how your brain is hard-wired to see the world, whether you have the three elements of musical ability, and lots of other valuable information. Of all the online computerized assessments I have experienced, this is my favorite for anyone who is in a career transition or about to embark on an expensive educational program (such as a university or advanced degree).