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The easiest way to raise your emotional IQ instantly is to identify your personal and emotional needs by taking the free Emotional Index Quiz™online. You’ll automatically receive a free emailed report of your top four needs. This quiz was developed with the collaboration of the coaches at, a team of the most highly trained and effective life coaches in the world. We noticed that our coaching clients really struggled to identify their needs from a list, so we came up with a very simple quiz to help them quickly and effortlessly determine their top four needs. While the quiz isn’t flawless, it has been developed over years of experience with thousands of clients and works in a natural, organic way. Remember, to need is human. We all have needs, and those who appear as if they don’t have simply done a better job of getting them fulfilled.

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, go right ahead and take it online. It takes about twenty minutes and at the end you’ll receive a list of your top four personal and emotional needs. Knowing exactly what your needs are is the first step in fulfilling your needs—after all, if you don’t know what your needs are it is pretty difficult to satisfy them. Raise your own emotional intelligence instantly with this powerful quiz! Available to the public and to clients absolutely free. (My small contribution to the evolution of mankind).

Take the free Emotional Index Quiz™ here, excerpted from The Secret Laws of Attraction.

For a full understanding of the power of personal and emotional needs and to learn how to satisfy your own needs, read the book, The Secret Laws of Attraction (McGraw-Hill) by Talane Miedaner.



If you’ve already taken The Emotional Index Quiz there is no need to take The Personal Requirements Quiz as your results will be essentially the same. The Personal Requirements Quiz is simply worded for use in a business or professional context and is found in the book, Coach Yourself to a New Career (McGraw-Hill).

For more information about getting your top four Personal Requirements fulfilled, please read Coach Yourself to a New Career by Talane Miedaner. You may prefer to work with an Accredited Life Coach on fulfilling your needs as this is one of the most challenging areas in life coaching.

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