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Coach Yourself to Success: 101 Tips to Accomplish Your Personal and Professional Goals

New to this revised and updated edition:

Do you want more out of work and life? More time, more rewarding experiences, more financial security, more success?

There are two basic approaches to getting what you want in life. Either you set your goals and work hard to attain them, or, like a magnet, you attract what you want to you. Most of us have been taught that the first way is the way to get ahead. But in reality this is the hard way and often leads to frustration, stress, and poor health. Internationally acclaimed life coach, Talane Miedaner can show you a better path. In Coach Yourself to Success, she reveals proven strategies for attracting success. Using the practical wisdom drawn from her experience as a professional coach for hundreds of Fortune 500 clients and her own personal corporate experience, Miedaner shares 101 of the most powerful and effective coaching tips and presents them in an easy-to-follow, ten-part program.

Here’s some unsolicited feedback from a reader:

I wanted to share my thoughts on your book Coach Yourself to Success. Talane, I have read MANY (lost count, actually) motivational books over the years. Books that I thought were really good and made me feel great after reading them. But I noticed that the same thing happened after each book. The feeling the book gave me just sort of “wore off” after a week or two and I found that I retained very little a few weeks after the read. The exception though, was your book. It had “staying power.” I kept referring to it, and just recently finished reading it again (during and right after our phone class). I don’t know what it was that made your book different from the others. Maybe the way you pointed out information in numbered tips instead of burying it around meaningless fill sentences. It’s like a reference manual for success! Honestly I don’t know the secret, but unlike the other books I have read, I will continue to refer to it, reread it, and find new helpful points and hints each time! You have helped me so much with your book, phone class, and work materials … maybe someday I can figure out a way to repay you!

- Vic Bosiger


McGraw-Hill, Oct. 2000, 304 pages

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The Secret Laws of Attraction: The Effortless Way to Get the Relationship You Want

Talane Miedaner shares her winning approach to becoming irresistibly attractive to relationships, money, opportunities and success. Her 7-tiered program reveals how to stop struggling and start going with the flow. How to expand your willingness to have, and to fulfill your emotional needs. How to orient your life around your own core values and passions. And how to indulge in excellent self-care as you let yourself become effortlessly successful.

Learn how to structure your life so you too can be irresistibly attractive. Learn these laws of attraction to effortlessly attain your heart’s desire:

“If you don’t need it, you are more likely to attract it.” If our emotional needs are unmet, we repel what we most desire. When we’ve fulfilled our deepest needs ourselves—such as the need to be cherished, the need to be heard, and the need for harmony—we are naturally attractive to potential relationships, both personally and professionally.

“Like attracts Like.” When we are fully living our core values, we effortlessly attract others who share our values.

It sounds simple. The trick is learning how to apply these laws in your everyday life—and international bestselling author and noted life coach, Talane Miedaner shows you how. This easy-to-follow guide provides a comprehensive quiz to help you identify your top four emotional needs and includes step-by-step instructions for meeting those needs. Once you start embracing your passion and living your dreams, you instantly become more attractive to others. It’s truly the “effortless” way to find and keep the love of your life or to attract the ideal business opportunity or position.

$16.95 – McGraw-Hill, June 2008, 239 pages


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Coach Yourself to a New Career: 7 Steps to Reinventing Your Professional Life

Yes, you can change your job, your career, and your life. (You just need a little coaching.)

One of the most renowned and respected life coaches in the world, Talane Miedaner has helped thousands of people achieve their career goals—from budding entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs. Now, in this step-by-step manual, she’ll coach you to the richer, more rewarding life you’ve always wanted—using her proven techniques of personal reinvention to help you succeed on any career path, in any job market.

In 7 simple steps, you can:

  1. De-clutter your present life—and visualize your future.
  2. Discover what you really want and need—instead of what you thinkyou need.
  3. Map your dream career and how it fits into your ideal life.
  4. Identify your true passions and core values.
  5. Learn how to channel your natural talents and abilities into meaningful work.
  6. Create a practical plan to achieve your goals.
  7. Get ready to change your life!

Filled with revelatory self-assessments, targeted assignments, and inspiring interviews, Coach Yourself to a New Career is a complete, ready-to-use program packed with proven tools that will change your outlook, your direction, and your purpose—for good! Whether you’re currently unemployed, feeling unrewarded at work, or hoping to realize a long-held dream, this personalized guide gives you the power—and the guidance—you need to succeed at anything you desire.

Talane’s latest book, Coach Yourself to a New Career, is available to order now. Read an excellent summary in this five-star review from Amazon’s professional book reviewer.

$18.95 – McGraw-Hill, March 2010, 240 pages



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