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This site is designed for the public to experience life coaching and to provide a way for people to find the best coach in The Coaching Directory. We do not offer any coach training programs. However, since we get so many questions about how to become a coach, we'll try to answer them here as well as refer you to some of the best coach training programs available and other important resources you should know about if you plan on becoming a coach.

Coach Training Schools/Programs:

My personal favorite is as I took their personal coach training many years ago when coaching was in its infancy as a profession. It is still the best, most comprehensive coach training program out there as far as I can tell, but go take a look yourself and see what you think. 

Coach Training Institute

Another highly reputable and well-established coach training program is the Coach Training Institute (CTI).

International Coach Federation

For a complete and up-to-date list of all the accredited coach training programs, go to the International Coach Federation (ICF) website at The ICF is the governing body or coaching association that determines what coach training programs are sufficiently robust to merit accreditation. If you bump into a coach training course that is not accredited with the ICF you may find that your training hours do not count towards your coaching credentials. At the moment, there are various levels for credentials established by the ICF. The highest credentials one can receive is that of Master Certified Coach, below that is Professional Certified Coach.

If you are planning to become a coach, it would be sensible to enroll in one of the ICF's accredited coach training programs to ensure that you will be able to use your training hours and apply for your credentials. That being said, there is no law out there that governs who can call themselves a coach. It is a completely self-regulated industry at this point. That being said, the best coaches are usually highly trained and are graduates of an accredited coach training program. All the coaches listed in The Coaching Directory are accredited and are either in a coach training program (in which case their profile will say Trainee) or are graduates of an accredited coach training program. 

How can I become a coach?



1) Hire a coach.


One of the best ways to become a coach is to hire a coach yourself. In fact, if you are not sure coaching is the right profession for you, definitely hire a coach first to support you in whatever goals you wish to work on. If you don’t enjoy being coached, you probably won’t enjoy becoming a coach so you might as well find that out first. The most successful coaches have a coach and new coaches in training have mentor coaches to help them build their coaching business and develop their coaching skills. Ever since I had my first coach (who helped me realize that I could be a great coach!) I have had a different coach every year or two. I’m continually growing my businesses and growing myself so it makes sense to have a coach support me in this process. The few times I’ve taken a break from coaching, I’ve noticed a drop in my productivity. All good coaches have a coach as well. Search for a mentor coach here.


2) Get the best coach training.


If you enjoy working with a coach, then the next step is to get coach training at an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. For a full list of accredited programs please go to the ICF website at While has many great resources, we do not offer coach training.


3) Practice your coaching skills.


Once you are enrolled in training, then you will immediately begin to practice your new skills on “guinea pig” clients. Grab any acquaintance that is willing and start practicing. After you have coached 100 people you will feel a level of mastery and confidence and have a track record of successful results behind you.


4) List yourself with various coaching directories so clients can find you. averages 7,000 unique visitors a month — all people looking for coaching. Once you are enrolled in an ICF accredited coach training program, then you may list yourself as a “coach in training” in The Coaching Directory. This will help you get exposure to new clients and you can offer coaching for free or a deeply discounted rate in order to get practice, which is what you will need now more than anything. Do NOT quit your day job! It took me two years to complete my coach training at CoachU and develop my skills sufficiently to become a full-time coach. I kept my full-time job at Chase Bank in the meantime so that I could enjoy the process and not worry about how to pay the rent in New York City. If you have already quit, then get a part-time job to support yourself while you develop your coaching skills. It can take five or more years to develop a full coaching practice.

5) Enjoy the process!

It takes years to become a Master Certified Coach (the highest ICF credential). Don’t rush it, but keep on developing your skills until you get there.


How to Become a Accredited Coach



In order to qualify for listing on The Coaching Directory you must agree to the following:

  1. You must be an MCC, PCC or ACC through the ICF to be listed as a Certified Coach.

  2. Or, you must be a graduate of an ICF Accredited Coach training program.

  3. Or, you must be a student enrolled in an ICF Accredited Coach training program. If you are not one of the above, then you may not list yourself in The Coaching Directory. This is an exclusive, international coaching directory and we intend to uphold the professional standards of the coaching industry. There will be no exceptions for any reason whatsoever so don’t ask. Just get yourself into the right training program! If the coach training program you are enrolled in is currently in the process of getting ICF accreditation, great. However, you must wait until it has been officially approved before you can list yourself on The Coaching Directory. No exceptions.

  4. You must agree to uphold the Standards and Ethics of the profession as stated by the ICF. Any coach who fails to uphold these standards and ethics will be removed from The Coaching Directory without recourse or refund.

  5. You must agree to provide an initial free half hour coaching call with prospective clients.

  6. You must agree not to pester the prospective clients with follow-up calls or emails. If the client wants to work with you, they will notify you. Nor may you put them on any of your mailing lists or newsletters without their express permission. Any complaints of this nature will result in your being removed from The Coaching Directory without recourse or refund.

  7. You agree not to practice therapy unless you have a valid and up-to-date license to do so and the client specifically requests it.

  8. You agree not to hold, The Coaching Directory, Talane Miedaner, or Talane, LLC liable in any way for your experience with any coaching clients you may obtain by being listed in The Coaching Directory.


Benefits of Registration in The Coaching Directory


1) Prime Location is a great domain name that gets thousands of hits from people looking for coaching each month and The Coaching Directory is its partner site. You can have the most beautiful, magnificent website in the world and it will do absolutely nothing for your business if no one can find it. At the very least, you need to be linked to a site that gets traffic. The currency of the web is how many unique visitors your site gets. A website without traffic is like a billboard in the Sahara desert. If no one sees it, it may as well not exist. Lifecoach gets an average of 7,000 unique visitors each month. is the online “yellowpage” address. Life coach is the generic term for personal and business coaches. The more life coaches who join and use the domain, the more the exposure will increase for the site. So, by virtue of the domain name alone and our top ranking on Google, you are already ahead of any other coaching directory out there. Before you list yourself with any directory service, you should first ask the question, “how will the public find this site?” 

2) Credibility

The benefit of association with the excellent reputation and public profile of Talane Miedaner, the website’s host. Talane is a respected, Master Certified Coach, and international best-selling author of Coach Yourself to Success, The Secret Laws of Attraction, and Coach Yourself to a New Career (March, 2010) — all McGraw-HillAll of Talane's books advertise in the resources section. 

Another benefit is the right to use domain name in your own marketing materials. We will provide an email forwarding service for your registered coaches. For example, a life coach registered coach would be able to use on your business cards, etc.  


3) The most fun, interactive, public-service oriented coaching directory in the world!

The only coaching directory geared toward the public first, coaches second. Both and The Coaching Directory are committed to providing a fun, risk-free environment where prospective clients can get an experience of coaching. If you want people to experience you as a coach, you first need to provide a fun and safe environment for that to occur. Which is why we offer the public:


  • Excellent content and free advice on finding a coach
  • Free coaching quizzes (The Emotional Index Quiz and The Coachability Quiz)
  • Free gift cards to send to clients and friends
  • Free weekly coaching tips (Talane's Tip of the Week)

  • Free half hour sample coaching sessions with accredited life coaches

 4) More Features

The member coaches have their own “back door” behind the scenes; coaches login on the upper right hand corner of No marketing to coaches will be done on the front page — it is all about taking care of the public looking for coaching. The Coaching Directory does not bombard the public with reasons why they should list themselves as a coach. This is completely irrelevant to them. I get queries all the time from customers desperately trying to figure out how to find a qualified coach. The Coaching Directory is the answer to this problem — an international coaching directory limited to coaches committed to professional coach training and development who agree to uphold the highest standards and ethics of the profession.

Exclusive Listing

ONLY certified, trained coaches or coaches in ICF accredited coach training programs will be allowed to register with The Coaching Directory. Coaches in training will receive a first year discounted rate of $199 to join The Coaching Directory as most new coaches make less than $10,000 their first year. (Keep your day job!) Coaches who have graduated are charged an annual fee of $299 for their standard membership.

Online Coaching

Opportunity to get exposure to prospective clients by making yourself available for online coaching. Just click the button that says you are online and then prospective clients will know that you are available for a quick chat. Some clients may be reluctant to pick up the phone and call you, but they might feel comfortable whipping out a quick email query to coaches online. This will give you an opportunity to chat with a client and see if a sample coaching session would be a good idea.


Easy-to-Use Self-Managed Listing

The Coaching Directory allows you, as a registered coach, to create and manage your own profile and make as many changes as you want free of maintenance charges. It is very simple to use and keep up-to-date. You can link to your existing website if you have one. If you don't have your own website, The Coaching Directory is a great way to get some immediate exposure to potential coaching clients.


Highest Industry Standards/Ethics

All registered coaches agree to uphold the ICF coaching ethics and will be removed from the site without refund if they are found violating any of these standards. We reserve the right to do this up front. It is very important to uphold the integrity and standards of the profession. Any coach who is found to be making untruthful claims about their training and experience will be removed from the site immediately without refund or recourse. We will do random verification checks to ensure the integrity and quality of the site. This is a huge advantage to the public and to you, the coach, as it raises your prestige.



If you have the above credentials and agree with our requirements for listing, then set up your registration with The Coaching Directory today. We welcome new qualified executive coaches, business coaches, life coaches, and professional coaches to join!

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