How to Live Like a Millionaire without A Million

What is my secret? How can I enjoy such a magnificent lifestyle (two houses by the beach, international travel, house cleaner twice a week, massages…) without being a millionaire? How can we enjoy all this while savings aggressively for inevitable old age?  I confess that I am frugal in ways most people aren’t. I work […]

Forget frugality! There is an easier way to financial freedom

While doing research for my next book on money and financial freedom, I’ve been exploring various paths to financial freedom and bumped into Mr Money Mustache ( mrmoneymustache.com ) along the way.  I like him. He has a sense of humor and his math is correct, which is important as many websites don’t get the […]

Get On the Path to Financial Freedom

The Road to Financial Freedom May Start with an Idea. My mom recalls how she once deliberated whether to buy a nicer cut of meat for dinner or scouring pads, since – as a mother of three small children and an income of about $12,000 per year – she didn’t have enough money to do […]

Wealth Creation Starts with Savings

My idea of a savings account used to be a yet-to-be-maxed-out credit card! Funny thing about having a cash reserve – you can’t appreciate it until you have it. Once you experience it, you’ll never go back to your old ways of living on the edge. My first savings goal was to have six months’ […]

Why Wealth and Prosperity Should Matter to You…

No one cares about your money more than you (not even the experts)… A few years ago, just when we thought we had things under control, we received a letter from our accountant estimating that we owed an unanticipated additional $12,000 in taxes. My husband and I were stunned. Then I studied the letter and […]

How to Ask for a Raise and 4 More Wealth Building Strategies

Increase Your Income with 5 Key Strategies Now that you’ve focused on saving, it’s time to get to work on the second half of the financial freedom equation: increasing your income. If you work for someone else, you can ask for a raise. If you own your own business, you may be able to raise […]

Play for Financial Independence

Financial freedom means that you have enough money or revenue streams that you never have to work again, except for the joy of it. First, realize that anyone (yes, that means you!) can play this financial independence game. Second, decide how much money you really need to be financially independent. Most people tend to overestimate and […]

Stop Over-Spending by Over-Responding

One interesting concept I learned in CoachU’s coach training program was the idea of over-responding. This is not over-reacting, which is a knee-jerk response, but rather carefully thinking over the situation and then deliberately over-responding with a series of solutions. When something “bad” happens to us, it is often self-created (not always, but often). So we […]