Tips to Help Clear Practical Clutter

Clutter-clearing Tips for Practical Types The book The New Minimalism by Cary Telander Fortin and Kyle Louise Quilici, identifies four clutter archetypes. I previously shared some clutter clearing tips for the sentimental types. So now it is time for the tips to help clear practical clutter. I am practical. And I am also a lover […]

Tips to Help Clear Sentimental Clutter

When it comes to clutter, it is often most difficult to clear sentimental clutter. If you find the task of clearing sentimental clutter difficult, then read on.  I read quite a few books while I had access to the USA library system this summer (the English system is still in the dark ages I’m afraid). […]

Eliminating Household Waste Saves Family 40%

How could eliminating household waste save 40%? Bea Johnson claims in her book, The Zero Waste Home, that she cut her family household living expenses by a whopping 40%. All from eliminating household waste. Wow! I was intrigued since so many Americans don’t have a spare $400 to cover an emergency. Could the solution to […]

Make Time for What is Most Important to You

Time… Everyone complains that there isn’t enough of it. ‘Where did the time go?’ we ask ourselves; meanwhile days, weeks, even years can slip by without getting us any closer to our goals. Yet everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day; it’s up to us how we use them. You can’t create […]

Clutter Clearing Tips for a Maximalist!

I’m a fan of Marie Kondo’s clutter clearing book, The Life Changing Magic of  Tidying Up. I have written about her methods in other blogs. Her simple joy filter seemed the ultimate answer to excess. You hold each object in your hands and ask if it sparks joy. If not, out it goes. But alas, I […]