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Stop Over-Spending by Over-Responding

One interesting concept I learned in CoachU’s coach training program was the idea of over-responding. This is not over-reacting, which is a knee-jerk response. Rather, over-responding is carefully thinking over the situation. Then deliberately over-respond with a series of solutions. When something “bad” happens to us, it is often self-created (not always, but often). So […]

Go On A Money Diet

“Wealth consists not in having possessions but in having few wants.”—Esther De Waal Go on a money diet. Why do we need a money diet in the first place? It is easy to forget in our consumer-based society that money can’t buy happiness. The latest research indicates that it may be even worse than we […]

How to Have the Ideal Day

A number of our online coaching members are struggling to come up with the ideal their ideal day.  So I’m sharing my own morning and evening routines. These routines encompass my current yearly themes. They are focused around extreme self-care, health and vitality, and spending time with my family. You, of course, will want to […]

Manage Difficult People with this 4-Step Communication Tool

How to Manage Difficult People (even bosses and children) with Grace and Style A great step towards improving your personal and professional relationships is listing your boundaries and making them known. Our boundaries are limits defining how we expect others to treat us and in particular, which behaviors we will not accept. As Eleanor Roosevelt […]