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11 Tips for Painless Saving

Tips for Painless Saving Automate it. If it isn’t in your bank account you won’t miss it. Celebrate a pay raise or bonus with a special night out. Then invest the rest of it automatically by increasing the automatic debits to your investment account or increasing the portion you prepay your mortgage by. Shop around […]

On Emotional Needs, Pain, and Suffering

I was reading The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod and was struck by this paragraph: “By accepting all the things you can’t change…you give yourself the gift of being at peace with life as it is, rather than creating pain because you want the unchangeable aspects of life, be it your past, present, or future, […]

Get to Financial Freedom Faster in a Used Car

On getting to financial freedom faster. I’m not into unnecessary suffering or struggle and I’m all about maximizing life for the greatest enjoyment, freedom and happiness so it bothers me to see so many of the FIRE bloggers cutting expenses to the bone, not going out and enjoying life and putting all their focus on […]

Money and Happiness

We’ve all heard the old expression: money can’t buy happiness, but that isn’t the truth. You can rethink your spending for greater joy and happiness. The research shows that how we spend our money can have a real impact on our experience of happiness and it turns out, most Americans are doing it backwards, spending […]

Eliminating Household Waste Saves Family 40%

How could eliminating household waste save 40%? Bea Johnson claims in her book, The Zero Waste Home, that she cut her family household living expenses by a whopping 40%. All from eliminating household waste. Wow! I was intrigued since so many Americans don’t have a spare $400 to cover an emergency. Could the solution to […]

Build Friendships over Time

Build friendships over time. Sounds simple. But as we age, the opportunities to make new friends diminishes and we may find that our circle of friends lives scattered about the globe. So, how do we find new people with whom to build friendships? One of the best things I’ve done since moving to England is […]

Weight Loss: Get Back to Basics

Getting Back To Basics On Weight Loss…my husband loves Cross-fit. To improve his results, he decided to get the most optimal nutrition plan. He booked an appointment in Plymouth to meet with Lorne of Phalanx Performance Nutrition. Lorne is a very knowledgeable and surprisingly inspiring nutritionist. Lorne is designing a personalized plan for our whole family. […]