Women who Have Made Inspiring Life Changes

In honor of International Women’s Day this Sunday I thought I’d highlight some women who have dramatically changed their lives and now making an impact on the world around them by inspiring and in some cases, leading other women to find their own success—thanks to a bit of life coaching! Ali Brown, Founder of Ali […]

Who is the Sand in Your Oyster?

Most folks have responded really positively to the last series on Assimilating Truth from Thomas Leonard, although we did get a few violently negative reactions as well, which reminds me that, while I found him stimulating and inspiring, he was the sand in my oyster–he made me very uncomfortable, but as a result, he provoked […]

How to Have the Ideal Day

A number of our online coaching members are struggling to come up with the ideal way to start and end each day so I’m sharing my own morning and evening routines. These routines encompass my current yearly themes of extreme self-care, health and vitality and spending time with my family. You, of course, will want […]

3 Laws of Attraction

There are three key Laws of Attraction. A “law” is something that works whether you believe in it or not, like the law of gravity. Whether you believe in gravity or not is irrelevant. Gravity does not rely on your beliefs and neither do the laws of attraction so feel free to remain skeptical as […]

Have Something to Look Forward to Every Day

It is amazing how quickly our lives can become drab and colorless if we do not have something to look forward to. We wait far too long for that once-a-year vacation or that special event. It just isn’t enough. Or perhaps it might be enough, but being successful is not about having just enough—it’s about […]

Use Creative Visualization to Get What You Most Desire

Leverage the Law of Attraction One of my fellow life coaches shared a law of attraction strategy for getting whatever you desire, which is to visualize and imagine yourself living with whatever it is you want. The more you can make the future real in your mind’s eye, the more likely it is to be […]

The Present is Always Perfect

From my previous series on The Laws of Attraction, I thought I’d explain a basic spiritual law: the present is perfect. I am sure you’ve probably heard of it before, but most people don’t really understand it. How can the present be perfect when you are sick or have a broken leg? How can the […]

Eliminate Your Petty Annoyances

This week I have an unusual list for you to make: your list of petty annoyances. This is not a “To do” list. It is a list of all the things, both big and little, that bug you—the things you’ve been putting up with and tolerating for whatever reason. This list can include everything from the […]

Bring in the New!

I thought you might be amenable to this rather enjoyable and satisfying ‘end-of-year ritual’ to complete the old year and bring in the new—from both a personal and professional perspective. The simple instructions: Sit down with a glass of sherry and a mince pie (if you live in England) or a cup of hot chocolate if […]

Talane’s Top 10 Tips for a Happier (and easier!) Holiday Season

Use the Joy Filter for decision-making. If someone invites you to something ask yourself, “Will this add joy to my life?” If not, decline. You don’t have to go to every single holiday party you are invited to. Stop sending holiday cards unless you love to do it. It is a pleasure to receive a personal card, […]