The Incredible Power of Small Changes

The key to making a big change is to make a small change first . This has to do with inertia. If you want to get unstuck quickly and effortlessly, leverage the power of making small changes. We often get stuck in the idea of having to make some huge change in our lives, and it […]

You Can’t Afford to Work with People who Don’t Want to Work

One of my coaching clients owns a home-staging business; she arranges the furniture and artwork in houses for sale so that the house sells quickly and for more money. She has a warehouse of furniture to use if the client doesn’t have the right look. She employs a regular team of movers to move furniture […]

The 7 Sources of Career Dissatisfaction

After years of coaching many disgruntled, stuck and frustrated executives, I’ve created a list of the 7 most common reasons why you might be unhappy in your job and then suggested some steps on how to overcome this career dissatisfaction below: Unmet Personal Requirements or Needs. If you have a need to be free and […]

Professional Development: Strengthen Your Strengths and the Law of Attraction

Most managers assume that professional development means investing in an employee’s weaknesses. This management strategy is flawed. The more effective investment is developing an employee’s strengths, not his or her weaknesses. Worse yet, this erroneous focus on enhancing weaknesses is not confined to corporations and organizations, but is almost universally accepted as a great way […]

Goal-Setting vs. Attraction: Which Works Better?

Last night I gave a talk to a lovely group of executive coaches in Bristol about attracting what you want effortlessly. They were particularly keen to attract more executive coaching clients. There are (at least) two ways to get what you want: Set a goal and go for it; and Attract it to you effortlessly. Most […]

Become A Master in Your Career

Many of us think we have to do it all and be good at everything in order to be successful. It’s part of our independent spirit. We live in a time and in a civilization where we can actually afford not to do it all. Yet, for some reason, we still think we should. We think […]

The Trick to Making a List of Goals or Wishes Come True

When writing down your goals, it’s important to keep the following in mind: The biggest problem is the deadly word “more.” For example, take the goal: “I’d like to make more money this year ,” or “I’d like to spend more time with my family this year.” The problem with “more” is that it is […]

Talane’s Top 10 Tips for Mastering the Art of Networking

Networking is something we all do naturally and effortlessly without thinking about. If you move to a new town and need a dentist, you start asking neighbors and colleagues for a referral. Business networking can be just as natural and easy. However, if you’ve ever attended a networking event or business meeting to arrive back […]